Zia simpson by fernsueroson-d5rcvn6

Zia Simpson As She Appears In The Simpsons Comics And Alexa The Hedgehog: Post Apocalyptic Future Zia Wore An Dark Purple Tanktop Which Showed Her Yellow Stomach  Black/White Belt Dark Pink Skirt And Dark Pink/Pink High Heels She Had An Blue Hair Piece On The Side Of Her Head

Powers And Abilities

She Was Born With Powerful Abilities That Surpass Any Being She Had Super  Strength And Speed


Zia Is Laid Back And Kind She Is Willing To Help Anybody Out And She Is Very Friendly And Considerate


Zia Was Born In Mobius And She Immediately Befriended Jessica, Julie, Yvonne And Tiffany The Hedgehog Who Would Make Zia One Of Their Own They Take Zia In As Their 5th Sister

Appearances In Movies

Alexa The Hedgehog: Apocalyptic Future

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