Zebulon is a fictional Alimon from the fanfiction series, A Sharptooth's Heart belonging to A Sharptooth's Heart creator, Sora W.T.K..

Physical description

Zebulon is a black adult Alimon with grey skin from under his jaw down his neck, stopping right above his chest. Two of his feathers on his head are black while the rest are grey.

His eyes are a pair of ruby red.


Zebulon can be quite aggresive and dangerous due to his knowledge of weak points on each dinosaur he faces. He can keep a cool head during battle and won't ever run away until the fight is done.

He has a strong connection to his family and won't ever abandon them. Although this trait costs him the trust of the Rock Rangers one day...


Zebulon has always been a shadow in the pack, but he loved being part of the Rock Rangers and has always been a close follower to their beliefs.

Since he was a teen he has been watched by the Rock Rangers, and he has hated this treatment ever since it started. Soon other Alimons strayed from him, their trust on him slowly diminished and his roaming space diminished. It wasn't soon until all this survaillance got on his last nerve and he abandoned his pack. Under misterious circumstances, he joined the Darkarians soon after.

Many believe he joined the Darkarians to smithe the pack that has, in some words, turned its back on him in revenge. But some believe his trait of deep love to family had something to do with him joining the enemy pack.