Mai Beaforte

Kaiba-Neo I need you to Destroy Mai Forces so that we may capture her Rose Cards.

Neo-Yes sir Immeadieatly.

Mai-You should have joined us you fool but I will show you no you no Mercy now.

Neo-idiot I will Demolish you with My Monsters.

Mai-Heh lets see than.

Neo-Gladly go Axe Raider and Masaki Kill Her!

Mai-Cyber Harpies Kill the Warriors in one Blow.

Neo-Hmmm Impressive go Change Of Heart I,ll control your Cyber Harpies attack.

Mai-Pet Dragon Defend!

Neo-your no challenge your just A Leutenit.Surrender Mai or parish to The Yorkist's.

Mai-I...have no choice I..... Surrender.

Neo-very good Maybe you can join our Ranks atleast.

Defend Lancashire

Ishizu-My Rose Duelist Tewkesburg has been taken by the enemy My apologies.

Neo-I expected it Rex and Wevil need to work harder Did they manage to escape.

Ishizu-Yes but Pegasus and Lancashire are in danger its being Destroyed by Jasper Tudor Yugi's Grandfather.

Neo-Pegasus Stands needs assistance bring me Rex and Weevil Imediatly.

Ishizu-Yes my lovely Rose Duelist.

Rex-We are sorry but Duke Devlin overpowered us.

Neo-forget it you two will avenge the loss of Tewkesbury along with I take you monsters and lets head out.If yugi thinks he's outsmarted me he better think twice Exodia Watch over Stonehege in my Abscence.

Exodia-Yes my Lord.

Pegasus-Ahhh you won't get away with this Jasper.

Jasper-your evil deed's are soon going to End Yorkists.

Neo-cease Jasper!

Jasper-The...Rose Duelist I expected Rosenkruez to Come on his own.

Neo-Rosenkruez can not waist his Power an old sack of trash such as yourself.

Jasper-What!How dare you Mind your manners young One I am a Force to be reckoned with.

Neo-Yes a very Outdated and Ancient, Weakminded force of an old Man.

Jasper-That is it Rose Duelist Neo! I challenge you

Neo-Very well Rex,Weevil Duel Tristan and Espa.This should only take a bit.

Jasper-Lets Duel I draw I summon a monster facedown and end my turn.


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