Yusei Fudo vs Jack Atlas

Jack-I summon Mad Archfiend 1800ATK DEF 0 and I place a Facedown.

Yusei-Go Hunter Dragon ATK 1700 DEF 100.

Jack-that's it. I attack.

Yusei-7900 LP

Jack-I,ll end than.

Yusei-Whatever Im gonna win Jack you'll see I summon Cyber Darkhorn ATK 800 DEF 800 His abiltly come's in handy he gets to take one level 3 Monster from my graveyard and drain Power giving it 2500 ATK 800.

Jack-I underestimated Im so stupid for doing that.

Yusei-Now Cyber Darkhorn attack.

Yusei-Your Turn.

Jack-3200 LPJack-I,ll activate a Spell known as darkwhole destroys everything on the field and I summon Small Piece Golem and if I have a Big Piece Golem I can summon Medium Piece Golem now I can sacifice it to Summon Big Piece Golem ATK 2100 DEF 0 now attack his life points.

Yusei-I use Destiny Draw Discard 1 Destiny Hero Card and I get to Draw 2 Cards I play one go Destiny chart If I have one Destiny Hero Card in the Gravyard I can summon it say hello to Destiny Hero-Defender ATK 100 DEF 2700 Its strong enough to protect Me from your Big Piece Golem ATK 2100.One last Thing I,ll use this other use Over Destiny Spell Card listen carfully I get to take another Card from my grave Captain Tenacious in DEF mode 800.

Jack-Long turn thank god its over I draw Golem Fusion All The Golem I played Including The One on the Field are fused to create Multiple Piece Golem 2600 ATK DEF 1300

Yusei-Whats the point it can't destroy my Defender.

Jack-Not yet but activate Trap Earth Formational it adds 300+300+300 of all used to create it yusei.


Jack-Now Gloem destroy Defender!

Yusei vs Jack Part 2

Jack -now yusei your defense is gone.

Yusei-Check this Jack I activate Junk Recycle it lets me take 2 Monsters from The Grave and put them on the field in Defense Destiney Hero Defense and Cyber Dark Horn and I summon Junk Crossgate ATK 900 DEF 1000

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