Cochrane-A, BlueKraid, and Princess Davidddizor are pleased with Yakko Warner and Wakko Warner as Minnie Mouse's brothers. Do you know why? Because they are all black and wear white gloves. And also, Yakko and Wakko are Aladdin and Tiana's sons, Vixey, Nicole, Elsa, Cinderella, and Belle's nephews, Mickey Mouse's brothers-in-law, and two of Priscilla Skunk, Prince Louie, Young Baloo, Young Bagheera, Young Shere Khan, Young Hathi, and Young Kaa's best friends. Bubbles8218 was right. If she hears them saying that Cochrane-A and Princess Davidddizor should have Yakko Warner as Olivia Flaversham's big brother and Wakko Warner as her little brother, they will be banned, along with BlueKraid.

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