This fanfic is the seventh fanfic made by user:megasean3000


Raimundo one night has a dream involving many dark creatures, a mysterious voice and how he will be the one to open the door. Throughout that day, Raimundo had been quiet, but Kimiko, Omi and Clay tell him to move on from it. Later that night, the strange black creatures came to the Temple and attack the four Warriors. They're all overpowered, except for Raimundo, who now has a wind-shaped Keyblade. Before there world is taken, Kimiko all of a sudden enters Raimundo. Although he cannot explain it, he is mysteriously transported to a town called Traverse Town, meeting many many new acquaintances. Three of them being Sora, Donald and Goofy. Together the four go on a journey to find all of their friends, and stop the darkness from claiming more worlds. Raimundo has obtained the Chowder, Crash bandicoot, and Pikachu summons. I summon you, Crash Bandicoot!!!! Then, a orange furred, human-sized critter came up and hugged Raimundo very tightly. He also came from a world taken over by the same strange black creatures too. Then strange crates pop out from nowhere.

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