Wreck-It Ralph Disneyland Adventures

The poster of Wreck-It Ralph's Disneyland Adventures.

Wreck-It Ralph's Disneyland Adventure is a spectacular movie of both games from Xbox 360 and a sequal movie from Wreck-It Ralph. It will be aired in September 3, 2013.


In Litwak's Arcade, there was a new game with TV screen that can hook up with Xbox 360 featuring their favorite game, "Disneyland Adventure" Kinect. When the arcade is close, Ralph and Felix from Fix-It Felix Jr., Calhoun from Heroes Duty, and Vanellope and the racers from "Sugar Rush had decided to go on a vacation trip when the game got plugged in.

They entered the game on a monorail and headed straight to Disneyland Resort, "The Happiest Place On Earth". They were welcome by their favorite characters such as Mickey Mouse and his friends.

coming soon.....



  • Just like the same name from Disney On Ice; Disneyland Adventure.
  • In the game they get to go on a secret attraction if the arcade was close.
  • Video Game characters will be appeared again as cameos.
  • The park guests and cast members will be appeared during the film including the avatars.

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