Vital statistics

Real Name: Diana

Alias: Diana Prince

Age (1942): 17

Age (2013): 35


Daughter of an Amazon and the Greek God Zeus, Diana was trained by the Gods, and armed with magical weapons. One of the most formidable warriors on Earth, Diana fights to protect the innocent.


As the natural born daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus, she has inherited some of her father's powers, which is suppressed by wearing her bracelets. She uses these powers in battle against Artemis (the Goddess; not the Amazon) and quickly renders her unconscious with a series of carefully positioned counterattacks. While using her godly strength, her costume and accoutrements lit up and her eyes glowed like her father's. Wonder Woman's bracelets can manifest objects or weapons such as a sword with her thoughts. She can also use the bracelets to have the object or weapon disappear.

Ending (The New 20 game)


"After a big battle with Darkseid, Wonder Woman returned to Themyscira in order to make sure her sisters were unharmed. However, what she discovered was horror to her eyes. The Gates of Tartarus were beginning to open and demons were escaping all over the world. As the Justice League struggles to keep the threat under control, Wonder Woman prepares herself to enter Tartarus and face the true menace: Ultron

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