Wander Over Squidward is a crossover spin-off of Disney's Wander Over Yonder and SB4God, which is a spin-off for Nickleodean's Spongebob Squarepants. The continued charactors are Squidward Tentacles, a cynical arspiring artist who was accidently launched in a completly different universe, Wander, an adorable, naive and optimistic alien who doesn't believe in being violent or 'mean', Sylvia, a large strong alien who is Wander's best friend, and Lord Hater, an overlord determined to take over every planet and destroy Wander and his friends.


  • Squidward Over Yonder (Speacil)~ Sandy accidently launches Squidward out of his own universe and into a completely different one, where he must defeat a crazy overlord with "the Friendliest Face in Outer Space".
  • Kareoke~ When Lord Hater challenges Squidward to a karaoke  match, Squid realizes what my just be his key to winning- Wander.
  • Let's All Ride The A-Train~ Their rocket sauser crashes, so the gang takes an intergalactic train to get to a repair guy.
  • Bowling~ Sylvia decides to become the coach of a "bowling" team.
  • Tarantulas On A Saucer~ Tarantulas start infesting a planet, and while Sylvia and Squid want them dead, Wander doesn't want harm to come to any creature.
  • Halloween Scream (Speacil)~ Lord Hater has a new plan. A terrifying one.

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