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Owen Hart

Jim Ross

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Jerry Lawler

Jonathan The Hedgehog/Emily The Hedgehog/Titania The Hedgehog-Jonathan Transforms Into Emily The Hedgehog Who Is An Badass Biker Girl Wearing Her Black Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And Stomach Black Jeans With Flames On It Black Shoes And Taped Gloves And Wears An Badana Over Her Ponytail She Also Has An Motorcycle That Can Fly And Shoot Weapons From It She Wears An Leather Jacket Over Her Tanktop Her Motorcycle With An Push An Button Can Turn Into An Sports Car Which Has Weapons Installed Emily Is Sweet And Kind And Considerate And Helpful Fun Fact She Is Jonathan's Sister Jonathan In This Series Is More Determined Than Ever Titania Is Lixes's Sister Who Appears In Scene 4 And The Rest Of The Movie

Mariah The Hedgehog-Mariah Is Emily's Cousin Who Is Also An Badass Biker Girl Wearing Her Black Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And Stomach Black Jeans With Flames On It Black Shoes And Taped Gloves And Wears An Badana Over Her Ponytail She Also Has An Motorcycle That Can Fly And Shoot Weapons From It She Wears An Leather Jacket Over Her Tanktop Her Motorcycle With An Push An Button Can Turn Into An Sports Car Which Has Weapons Installed Mariah Refers Herself As Emily's Younger Sister That Plays An Vital Role

Sunset Eclipse The Hedgehog-An Mysterious Young Female From What We Gather Sunset Wears An Attractive Maid Outfit Which Shows Her Dark Purple Stomach She Wears Blue Sunglasses (It's Pretty Obvious That She Is Blind) Blue/White Skirt She Wears White Gloves Which Have An Blue Thing Attached To Them She Has Aqua Blue Eyes Dark Brown Chin Long Wavy Dark Purple Hair She Wears Dark Blue Boots With Golden Lines On Them Sunset Eclipse's Bio: Sunset Is Very Intelligent Rarely Does She Get Herself Lost Inadvertantly Sunset Can Really Use Her Weapons Very Well And Is The Cousin Of Jonathan The Hedgehog

Kayla The Hedgehog-She Is Dark Purple She Wears An Black Tanktop Which Shows Her Big Boobs And Stomach And Wears Black Jeans And Black Speed Shoes Her Hair Is Of That Of Shade's She Is Also Emily's Genie She Is Jonathan's Younger Sister

Jessica The Hedgehog-She Wears An Black Tubetop Which Shows Her Boobs And Stomach Black Jeans And Black Speed Shoes She Is Dark Purple With Her Long Purple Tail Sticking Out Jessica Jokingly Says She Has Extremely Long Purple Hair Which Is True

Rose The Rascal

Rosette The Rascal

Missy The Rascal

Rosy The Rascal

Mirage The Echidna

Reality The Echidna-Reality Is Nega But She Knows What Is Good She Is Best Friends With Mirage Who Loves Her Joking Personality

Bunnie Rabbot-Bunnie Wears Her Light Purple Tanktop Which Shows Her Boobs And Yellow/White Stomach Black/Silver Belt Dark Blue Shorts And Dark Blue High Heels She Worn Dark Blue Gloves And An Dark Blue Jacket She Also Has An Motorcycle She Also Has Goggles On Top Of Her Head

Michelle Rabbot-An Light Yellow Rabbit That Wore Bunnie's SATAM Attire, Black Pants And White Sneakers

Jessica Rabbot-An Orange Rabbit That Wore An Pink Swimsuit Which Showed Her Boobs And Stomach She Wore An Dark Brown And Silver Belt She Wore Dark Purple Pants And Pink/White Sneakers She Also Wore An Dark Purple Jacket With Light Purple Sleeves

Rose Rabbot-Who Wore An White Tubetop Which Showed Her Big Boobs And Pink/White Stomach She Wore Dark Grey Shorts She Worn An Red Jacket And Had Long Orange Hair

Sabre Rabbot-She Was An Dark Brown Female Rabbit Who Had Long Purple Hair Medium Brown Beak She Worn An Yellow Ski Tanktop Which Had Three White Squares On It With A Line On It She Wore Black/Yellow Pants She Wore Black/Yellow Heels With Three White Squares On It

Willow The Hedgehog-She Is A Green Female Hedgehog With Long Quills And Has Cyber Enhancements On Both Of Her Ears She Has Purple Eyes She Wears An Black With Purple Flames T-Shirt Which Showed Her Green Stomach Black With Purple Flame Shorts Purple Socks Black/With With Purple Flames Shoes She Has Long Hair

Cora The Hedgehog-She Has Long Dark Green Fur With Spikes In Front She Wears An Black Tanktop With An Happy Face On It Showing Her Boobs And Stomach She Wears An Dark Brown/Yellow Belt She Wears Light Blue Jeans Which Are Ripped And She Wears Her Black/White Sneakers

Anna The Hedgehog (3D Only)-Anna Wears An White Tanktop Showing Her Stomach, Dark Grey Pants With White Lines Two Stars On It And White Shoes

Shade The Hedgehog

Maria The Hedgehog

Hannah The Hedgehog

Kirlia The Hedgehog

Katie The Hedgehog

Kirsten The Hedgehog

All Mobians/Villains

Amy Rose-She Wore Her Ski Tanktop Which Showed Her Boobs And Stomach She Had An Black Belt With An A On It She Wore Grey Shorts And Her Pink/White Boots

Michelle The Hedgehog-She Wears An Red T-Shirt Under Her Black Tanktop Which Shows Her Stomach Light Blue Shorts Black/White Boots, Black Taped Gloves And An Dark Blue Jacket With Light Blue Sleeves She Is Yellow Furred With Short Golden Hair With Long Yellow Spikes And Short Yellow/Brown Ears And Dark Brown Mouth

Shade The Echidna-An Orange Female Echidna Who Is Skilled At Getting The Chaos Emeralds The Echidnas Team Up With The Female Hedgehogs For Fun Adventures

Spinda The Echidna-Spinda Has And Yellow/Light Purple Hairpiece That Covers Her Red Head She Wears An Black Tubetop Which Shows Her Boobs And Red Stomach, White Jean Pants Black Taped Gloves And Red Sneakers She Has An Tail She Is Red Spinda Is Good Friends With Titania The Hedgehog Who Also Appear As Main Characters In The Series

Jonathan Washington

Vince McMahon

Episode 1: June 1, 1997

  • In Milwaukee Wiscousin*

Jim Ross: Welcome To WWF Raw Is War I'm Jim Ross

Jerry Lawler: And I'm Jerry The King Lawler Tonight's Episode Is Gonna Be An Treat Apparently Jonathan Has Just Gone American Badass This Gimmick Didn't Debut Until 1996 When Jonathan Had His First Theme "The American Badass" By Xero Playing In The Background With His First Year (1996) Titantron Showing Speaking Of Which Here He Comes Now

Vince McMahon: Might I Add That Jonathan Signed An Special Contract That Was Just For Him Stating That If Jonathan Wins The WWF Title From Stone Cold Steve Austin He Doesn't Have To Compete In Any Matches This Year And The Following Years Jonathan Also Has 10 Special Contracts Just For Him He Can Sign Which Allow Jonathan To Do Whatever He Wants How He Wants It And When He Wants It Which Includes Schelduling His WWF Title Match

Undertaker: We're Fucked This Idiot Here Has Authority Somebody Has To Beat Him For The Title If He Wins It

Stone Cold Steve Austin: If He Wins It I Highly Doubt Anyone Will Get It I'm Fine With Letting Him Having It Heck I'll Let Him Beat Me

Undertaker: Wow You're Really An Idiot This Guy Has My Height And Weight And Can Destroy Kane And You Might Get Tombstoned

Kane: I Wasn't So Fortunate When I Fell Victim To Jonathan's Tombstone Piledriver

Triple H: There Goes My WWF Title Chances But I Still Have Chances To Get The IC Title

Undertaker: What An Dumbass Comment Hunter You Could Win It But Choose Not To How Pathetic

  • Jonathan Rolls Down The Ramp On His Motorcycle*

Jonathan: *Taps His Chest Two Times And Then Rolls Down The Ramp*

  • Jonathan Parks His Motorcycle On The Ramp*

Jonathan: *Climbs Over The Rope* *Grabs The Mic* Me And Vince McMahon Had Finally Agreed On A Special Contract Which States That If I Beat Stone Cold Steve Austin For The WWF Title I Don't Have To Compete In Any Matches This Year And The Following Years This Gives Me The Oppoortunity To Challenge Stone Cold For The WWF But I Need Somebody In My Corner Me And Vince McMahon Are On Great Terms Now Isn't That Right Vince

Vince McMahon: Yes We Are Great Terms You Are One Of Our Loyal Superstars We Use You For Marketing And Advertisements

  • Spinda The Echidna Makes Her Grand Entrance*

Spinda The Echidna: *Drives Her Red Sports Car Down The Ramp*

  • Spinda The Echidna Gets Out Of Her Car And Jumps Over The Rope*

Spinda The Echidna: *Grabs An Mic As Well* You Know Ever Since Jonathan Entered The WWF In 1996 He Did Win 40 Straight WWF Titles 1990-1996 With 1996 Being His 41st WWF Title He Has 8 Years Of Experience Under His Belt He Would Like To Get His 42nd WWF Title I'll Make Sure That Happens I'll Be His Honorable Manager For The WWF Title Match

  • Stone Cold Enters The Ring*

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Alright Hot Shot Have Any Proof?

Jonathan: *Shows Him The Special Contract*

Stone Cold Steve Austin: What? You Lucky Son Of A Biscuit Tell You What We Can Fight For The WWF Title Tonight

Jonathan: You're On

Jim Ross: Uh Oh They're Gonna Get It On Tonight Jerry Who's Gonna Win

Jerry Lawler: I Say Jonathan Because He's 6"10 328 Pounds And Can Put Stone Cold Away With The Tombstone Piledriver He Is The Second Coming Of The Undertaker

  • Stone Cold Leaves The Ring*

Spinda The Echidna: You See The Intensity And Build-Up For That Match Has Been Made 

Match 1: WWF Title

Jonathan Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

  • In The Locker Room*

Jonathan: *Putting On His High Socks After Putting On His 1997 Costume Which Is His 1996 Costume With Purple High Socks And Gloves And Walks Out To The Entrance Ramp*

  • The Undertaker's 1996 Theme "Grim Reaper" Plays*

Howard Finkel: Now Coming Down The Aisle Standing At 6"10 Weighing In At 328 Pounds From Death Valley The Undertaker!!!!

Jonathan: *Walks Down The Ring And Climbs Over The Rope*

  • Stone Cold Gets Into The Ring*
  • The Match Begins*

Jonathan: *Picks Stone Cold Up By His Side And Performs His Trademark Move Sidewalk Slam*

Jim Ross: What An Powerful Slam By The Deadman

Jonathan: *His Left Hand Is Out*

Stone Cold Steve Austin: *Gets Up*

Jonathan: *Grabs Stone Cold's Neck*

Jim Ross: Uh Oh It's Chokeslam Time

Jerry Lawler: I Think Jonathan Has The Advantage Here

Jonathan: *Chokeslams Stone Cold Onto The Ground*

Jim Ross: Now That's An Chokeslam To Perfection Nobody Does It Better Than Him

Jonathan: *Does The Choke Sign*

Jim Ross: You Don't Think He's Gonna

Jerry Lawler: Yep He's Going For His Finisher The Tombstone Piledriver

Jonathan: *Grabs Stone Cold Flips Him Around Upside Down Holding On Tight Jumps*

  • BANG Stone Cold Hits The Ground Hard*

Jim Ross: That Did It

Jerry Lawler: I Think It Might Have

Jonathan: *Covers Stone Cold For The Pin*

  • Jonathan Wins As The Undertaker's 1996 Theme "Grim Reaper" Plays

Jonathan: *Kneels Down With The WWF Title In His Hand*

Jim Ross: It's Over Jonathan Is Our New WWF Champion

Jonathan: *Waves The WWF Title In The Air*

Spinda The Echidna: *Jumps On Jonathan's Lap* You Did It *Winks Her Eyes* We Can Celebrate In Style Come On Into My Red Sports Car

  • They Hop In The Red Sports Car*

Spinda The Echidna: You Beaten Stone Cold