2007 Movie

Main Cast (By Brand)


John Cena

Randy Orton

Shawn Michaels

Triple H

Jonathan Washington (As Big Evil Undertaker One Of Jonathan's Very Popular Gimmicks His Gimmick Was Very Popular In 2003 With The WWE Universe And The McMahons Alike) His 2007 Theme Is Rollin This Is Jonathan's 14th Year Of WWE Service And He Intends To Retire In The Middle Of The Year Due To His Girlfriend Fleetway Amy Rose Is Expecting An Girl She Already Has One Girl She Is 16 Years Old And Is Currently Dating Jonathan Of Course Her Name Is Nicole Rose Jonathan Has Already Established Himself As A True WWE/F Legend His Legend Character Is In The Game Under The Name Of "1994-97 Undertaker"



Candice Michelle

Bobby Lashley

King Booker (Booker T)


Mr Kennedy (Ken Kennedy)



Jeff Hardy

Mickie James




Ashley Massaro

Michelle McCool

Kenny Dykstra

The Great Khali


Chris Masters


Chavo Guerrero

Mark Henry

Matt Hardy

Rey Mysterio

Ric Flair

Torrie Wilson

The Undertaker

Gregory Helms




Kelly Kelly

Johnny Nitro (John Morrison)

Elijah Burke

CM Punk

Marcus Cor Von

Nicole Rose-The Daughter Of Fleetway Amy Rose Who Was Actually In Attendence For Jonathan's Matches She Wears The Exact Same Clothes As Her Except She Wears An Black Tanktop Which Showed Her Pink Stomach Fur

ECW Legends

Tommy Dreamer


WWE Legends

Bret Hart

The Rock

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Mick Foley

Rick Rude

90's Undertaker (The Undertaker In 1994)

Owners Of The WWE

Vince McMahon

Stephanie McMahon

Shane McMahon

Other Characters

Fleetway Amy Rose-She Wears An White T-Shirt With An Heart On It Dark Blue Jeans And Red/Black Shoes She Has Two Wallets And Her Belt On Her Waist And Bullet Supply On Her Chest Area But Later On In Issue # 2 She Loves To Switch Things Up As She Is Now Wearing An White Tanktop With An Heart On It Showing Her Pink Stomach Green Skirt Shorts And Red Sandals She Would Be Jonathan's Faithful Companions She Was Drawn In Her Fleetway Design By Nigel Dobbyn Whereas Jonathan Himself Was Drawn In His Archie Design By Ian Flynn Jonathan In His Human Form Is Normal She Is Jonathan's Girlfriend And Mother Of Nicole Rose

Scene 1: Jonathan Picks A Fight With The Undertaker

  • On Raw*

Jonathan: *Rolls Down The Ramp On His Motorcycle*

  • In The Ring*

Jonathan: Undertaker Show Yourself I Know You're Hiding Get Your Ass Out Here

  • Instead Nicole Rose Walks Into The Ring*

Jonathan: I Specifically Asked For The Undertaker And I Get This? This Is Weird

Nicole Rose: Sorry To Interrupt Your Challenge To The Undertaker But I Was Brought Up To Be Your Tag Team Partner Together We Can Reach For The Tag Team Title

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