Main Characters

Angel Lee-Angel Wears An Light Grey Tubetop Vest Showing Her Tan Stomach Dark Green Jeans Armbands (Red) Arm pads (Red) And Lingerie Necklace Angel Was Always There For Everyone Who Needed Help And Support Angel Was Kind And Considerate And Helpful She Wows The Crowds With Her Sexy Moves And Charming Tactics She Had Light Blue Eyes Angel Relied On Her Fancy Skills

Amy Lee-She Looks A Lot Like Angel In Looks And Appearance Her Signature Move Is The Bottom Line Which She Lifts Her Opponent Up For A Powerbomb Then Pins Them

Rachael Lee

Kathleen Lee

Samantha Lee

Layla Lee

Jessica Lee

Jenny Lee

Tiffany Lee

Jennifer Lee

Jessica Wyatt-She Had The Same Outfit As Angel And Looked Just Like Her

Morgan Wyatt

Tiffany Wyatt

Jasmine Wyatt

Anna Wyatt

WWE Staff/Wrestlers And Personnel

Scene 1: The Corporation Is Formed

  • In The Locker Room*

Angel Lee: Ah An Good Day For Our Match

Amy Lee: I Concur

Rachael Lee: Oh No I Think The Corporation Is Forming

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