Animated Cartoon

Main Cast

Megan Fox As Viperine The Hedgehog/Kayla The Hedgehog/Mickie The Hedgehog/Cassandra The Hedgehog/Jessica The Hedgehog/Rachael The Hedgehog-Viperine Wears An White And Black Tanktop Showing Her Dark Purple Stomach Dark Blue And Grey Jeans Dark Purple/Grey Shoes She Is Dark Purple Furred She Has Light Purple Gloves, Red Inhibitor Rings And Has An Red Chaos Emerald In Her Possession She Has Long Dark Purple Hair And Her Front Spikes Is Curled Up She Has Light Purple Eyes With Black Irises

Gary Chalk As Dr. "Ivo Eggman" Robotnik

Charlie Adler As Julian "Snively" Kintobor

Tim Curry As King Maximillian Acorn

Kath Soucie As Sally Acorn/NICOLE/Nicole The Lynx/Alicia Acorn

Rob Paulson As Antoine D'Coolette/Patch D'Coolette

Charles Windom As Sir Charles "Chuck" The Hedgehog

Christina Cavanaugh As Bunnie Rabbot/Buns Rabbot

Kim Cattrell As Julie-Su The Echidna/Lien-Da The Echidna/Mari-Su The Echidna

Dakota Fanning As Rosy The Rascal

Roseanne Barr (Acting Debut) As Bernadette The Hedgehog

Kevin Michael Richardson/Rob Paulson/Kath Soucie As Swatbots

Cam Brainard As Rotor Walrus

Bradley Pierce As Miles "Tails" Prower

Michael Bell As Ixis Naugus/Scourge The Hedgehog/Boomer Walrus/Miles Prower

Lynn Harris As Amy Rose (8 Years Old)

Jason Griffith As Jonathan The Hedgehog (16 Years Old)

Michelle Rodriguez (Michelle Says She Has No Acting Experience It's Her First Time) As Zamy The Zone Cop/Zally The Zone Cop/Zunnie The Zone Cop/Zulie-Zu The Zone Cop/Ziperine The Zone Cop/Zickie The Zone Cop/Zayla The Zone Cop/Zessica The Zone Cop/Zachael The Zone Cop/Zassandra The Zone Cop (In These Series However They Use Their Actual Names)

Season 1 Episode 1: The Disappearance Of The Red Chaos Emerald (1993-94)

  • In Viperine's House*

Viperine The Hedgehog: *Gasps* My Chaos Emerald!!!! It's Gone Now I'm Weak To Attacks

Kayla The Hedgehog: Oh Dear

Mickie The Hedgehog: We Must Help Her

Jessica The Hedgehog: Let's Find It

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