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Viperine Jackie The Hedgehog Is Axel The Hedgehog's Best Friend Viperine Wears An White And Black Tanktop Showing Her Dark Purple Stomach Dark Blue And Grey Jeans Dark Purple/Grey Shoes She Is Dark Purple Furred She Has Light Purple Gloves, Red Inhibitor Rings And Has An Red Chaos Emerald In Her Possession She Has Long Dark Purple Hair And Her Front Spikes Is Curled Up Her Voice Actor In Jonathan And Axel The Hedgehog Is Megan Fox (Who Herself Can Do An Great Viperine Impersonation) She Has Light Purple Eyes With Black Irises

Aiding Axel In Combat

During The Battle Viperine Appears To Help The Female Hedgehogs Combat Eggman's Badniks In Order To Gain Access To His Base

TV Series Appearances

Jonathan And Axel The Hedgehog (2014-15)

Viperine The Hedgehog Show (1993-Present)


Viperine Is The Sister Of Jonathan The Hedgehog (The Renowned Hero Of Mobius) She Didn't Know This They Have 3 Daughters Kayla, Mickie And Cassandra The Hedgehog (All Of Them Look Like Viperine) Viperine Would Take Her 3 Daughters With Her On Adventures She Also Has 2 More Daughters Jessica And Rachael The Hedgehog Giving Her 5 Daughters Overall Her Daughters Are Also Voiced By Megan Fox

Powers And Abilities

Viperine Has Many Powers And Abilities That She Finds Useful She Uses The Red Chaos Emerald For Teleporting


Viperine Is An Cute, Sexy, Attractive And Intelligent Girl With Aspirations Of Becoming The Mother Of Her Daughters

Viperine Is Tasked With Various Missions Some Of Which Involve Her Daughters's Help

Jonathan Does Appear In Viperine The Hedgehog Show As Her Boyfriend

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