I will not talk Necrolai into resurrecting Zika and the Magna Defender, Niella, or Cole's parents, because, sadly, it would just be too much trouble. Nor will I use any other method of resurrection.

The Guardian Warriors talked Necrolai into resurrecting Zika, the Magna Defender, Niella, and Cole's parents. Necrolai resurrected Zika, the Magna Defender, Niella, and Cole's parents. When the Dark General found out about this, he became very angry and sent Daisy Duck, Shanti, Jenny Foxworth, Penny, Babs Bunny, Mary Test, Dot Warner, Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, Anne Marie, Melody, Gosalyn Waddlemeyer, and Robyn Starling to the Fun Place. King Maximus then summoned Charlotte Barnes and her band (from Bandslam) to the Fun Place to destroy the Fun Place and kill Daisy and her friends. Charlotte and her band teleported to the Fun Place and started playing "Amphetamine!", with Charlotte singing and playing her electric guitar. After "Amphetamine" was over, the band teleported out and the Fun Place exploded, killing Daisy and her friends.

Good Vader found out about the destruction of the Fun Place. He sent Marcus Qui-Xot, Mariah Atar, Larana Aah'valia, Kaila Murtode, Ayessa Maximus, and Aeshi Fal-Cona to track down the Bandslam band and arrest them. Marcus and his team found the Bandslam band and arrested them. The Bandslam band was taken to jail and became the brides of Bubba and Maxine. 

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