Universal Aeon Soldiers- Balance Of The Legendary Holy Light Of The Ancient Demonic Darkness, Secrets Of The Dark Past Revealed to Form a New Future is a fan fictional mutli-crossover story.

This takes place after Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars.

This story reveals The Sailor Senshi of he Solar System as former members of Khaos Brigade.


After the battle with Sailor Galaxia & Chaos, the senhi prepare of the birth of Crystal Toyko, until an old acquaintance from Serena's, Amy's, Raye's, Lita's, Mina's, Amara's, Michelle's, Trista's, & Hotaru's past comes from another dimension to kill them. This acquaintance causes the 9 senshi to awaken their true selves & awaken their true powers causing the senshi to go to The HighSchool DxD universe which will expose their deepest, darkest secrets, to come into the light & threatening to destroy the new life the girls have made for themselves.

The Sailor Senshi will have face their dark past in order to achieve a peaceful future, they will also have to travel to other dimensions to help other heroes fight the forces of darkness.

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