An Series Featuring Mark Calaway Better Known As Undertaker In The WWF Which Features Sonic Characters

Published: 1993

Years Active: 1993-Present

Main Characters

Mark Calaway/Undertaker-An Deadman Occult Like Figure Who Possesses Unbelievable Ghostly Powers To Fight Criminal Organizations With His Appearance Drastically Changed In 1995 When He Wore His Purple Gloves Sported An Goatee And Had Tattoos And Longer Hair And 2010 Was Reverted Back To His Youthful 1994 24 Year Old Self He Appears More Frequently

Dr. Robotnik-The Main Villain Of Both Sonic The Hedgehog And Undertaker His Main Goal Is To Take Over Mobius With Snively At His Side Undertaker Sensing Danger Is Trying To Stop Him From Doing So

Sally Acorn-The Princess Of Maximillian Acorn And Leader Of The Freedom Fighters

Bunnie Rabbot-Bunnie An Mechanical Cyborg Who Fought With Her Cyborg Arms Was Fighting An Swatbot Alongside Amy Rose Who Was Fairly Young But Was Knowledgable Until Both Amy And Bunnie Heard An Explosion Of Darkness Coming Out Of The Swatbots They Realized That The Undertaker Had Destroyed Them

Amy Rose-Amy In These Series Is 5 But Is Very Knowledgable And Helpful And Is Very Useful As Undertaker's Decoy

Snively-Robotnik's Assistant

The Chaotix-The Members Include Espio, Charmy, Julie-Su (Introduced In Later Issues), Charmy Bee, Mighty The Armadillo, Knuckles The Echidna, Saffron Bee And Ray The Flying Squirrel

Antoine D'Coolette-An Coward Who Is Afraid Of The Undertaker Sensing That It (Undertaker) Wants Revenge But In Later Issues Starts To Grow Fond Of Him

Rotor Walrus-The Mechanic Of The Freedom Fighters

Miles "Tails" Prower-The Secondary Mechanic Of The Freedom Fighters

Sonic The Hedgehog-The 15 Year Old Hedgehog

Swatbots-Mechanical Servants Of Robotnik

Rosy The Rascal-She Appears In Issue # 196 (2009-10) In Story 1: Undertaker Vs. The Suppression Squad

The Suppression Squad-They Appear In Issue # 196

Other Characters

Rosemary Prower

Merlin Prower

Uncle Chuck

Bernadette The Hedgehog (Sonic's Mother)

Amy's Friends

Morgan The Rascal-Morgan Appears In All Sonic-Related Fanfics Along With Her Rascal Sisters

Rosy The Rascal-The Youngest Of Them All She Leads The Rascals

Rachael The Rascal-An Cute And Cuddly Pink Female Hedgehog That Loves To Help Out

Rose The Rascal-Rose Loves To Contribute To Her Group By Any Means Necessary

Rosette The Rascal-An Very Helpful Pink Female Hedgehog She Is Their Best Asset

Marianna The Rascal-An Eager Energetic Pink Female Hedgehog Who Loves To Help Out In Any Way Possible

Rosy The Rascal Jr-Rosy Jr Is The Daughter Of The 6 Female Pink Hedgehogs Mostly Rosy's Daughter She Changed Their Name To The Freedom Fighters

Jessica The Rascal-The Newest Member Of The Freedom Fighters She Is The Cousin Of Rosy The Rascal Jr

Issue # 1 (1993-94)

Story 1: Undertaker's Payback

Undertaker: You Son Of A Bitch I'm Gonna Kill You

Dr. Robotnik: Not The Tombstone Piledriver

  • BOOM*

Undertaker: That's What You Get For Fucking With Me *Walks Out*

  • In Knothole Village*

Sally Acorn: Where Is Tails?

Sonic The Hedgehog: I Think He Told Us He Had An Meeting To Attend To

Sally Acorn: Oh I See

  • Meanwhile*

Undertaker: What The Hell?

  • Swatbots Appear Everywhere*

Undertaker: I'm Taking Them Out *Rams Through Them*

  • BOOM*

Sally Acorn: Holy Cow

Sonic The Hedgehog: Who Is That 6"10 Dude

  • Undertaker Emerges From The Wreckage*

Story 2: The Freedom Fighters Infiltrate Robotnik's Base

  • In The Freedom Fighters Base*

Amy Rose: *Answers The Phone* Hello?

  • Muhahahahahaha I Got Your Freedom Fighter Friends If You Want To See Them Alive Again Head To My Base Immediately*

Amy Rose: Hmm It Looks Like I Must Go There Aha!!!! I Got It

Morgan The Rascal: We'd Make An Great Team

Amy Rose: Yeah

Rosy The Rascal: We'll Stop This Evil Plus We're Your Sisters Amy

Amy Rose: Oh Yay We Should Form An Secondary Freedom Fighter Group

Rosy The Rascal: Great Idea!!!! You Can Move In With Us

Amy Rose: Perfect!!!!!

Rosy The Rascal Jr: Okay Let's Go!!!!

Marianna The Rascal: Yeah

Jessica The Rascal: Let's Roll

Rosette The Rascal: Let's Go

Rose The Rascal: Let's Rock

  • They Rush Off Towards Robotnik's Base*

Story 3: Stopping Robotnik

  • Inside Robotnik's Base*

Amy Rose: Where Are They Being Held

Rose The Rascal: They're Inside The Roboticizer

Rosette The Rascal: Quick!!!! Let's Enter That Room

  • They Kick The Door Down*

Dr. Robotnik: Well Well Well If It Isn't Amy Rose And The Pissy Shits

Rose The Rascal: We Have The Power To Eliminate Both You And Snively

Dr. Robotnik: Ha!!!!!

Issue # 2 (1993-94)

Story 1: The Rascals And Amy Rose Escape From The Base

  • In Robotnik's Base*

Amy Rose: Come On Everyone Escape!!!!!

  • The Freedom Fighters Escape*

Amy Rose: Let's Take This Fatass Down

Rosy The Rascal: Oooh Let's Do It

  • They Kick Robotnik's Ass*

Rosy The Rascal: Yay We Did It

Amy Rose: Yeah We Did

Story 2: Robotnik Retreats

  • After Robotnik Retreats

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