Ultraman: Ultra Warriors Unite!! And Introducing Ultraman Traos is an Ultraman fanfiction. It takes place in an alternate timeline in the distant future, most likely somewhere in the 2050's.


Twenty years ago, the Baltans built a suspiciously Death Star-like super weapon to destroy planet Ultra. Fortunately, the Ultrabeings knew of this somehow, and secretly evacuated their planet for Earth.

Since then, the Ultrabeings have enjoyed lives of peace and happiness on Earth. Upon their arrival, many humans feared they had come as invaders, but now the Ultrabeings have come to be accepted as human beings. Little do they know that the Baltans have discovered them.

One morning, an all-too-familiar alien monster attacks Nemuro, Japan and causes wide-scale destruction. Fortunately, Ultraman Dyna appears to fight it. After killing the monster with his Beam Slicer attack, he is run into by a news reporter, and Dyna confirms that it was a Baltan.

The next scene takes place on the Baltan mothership. The Baltan queen does that distinctive Baltan laugh because she knows that the Ultrabeings know she is coming. She unveils a series of tubes containing artificially created monsters, including one with twenty horns and a series of buzzsaw-like attachments on its back.

To Be Continued...

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