Ultiamate Nickelodeon Brawl Stars is a video game.


Danny's family and friends died swiftly and painlessly in a blast created by Pariah Dark.  Since he had no one else, Danny went to live with Vlad, as the only other person who could understand him. But Danny felt so horrible and guilty over losing everyone he begged Vlad to separate his human and ghost selves, so he could be without emotions. Vlad honored his wish. As soon as Danny Phantom was free of Danny Fenton though, Danny Phantom's animalistic instincts took over. He immediately tried to possess Vlad Plasmius, but Vlad's evil mindset was much too strong for Danny, and it quickly overpowered his mind, turning him evil. He meragned with his human form and became Dark Danny. He and Pariah Dark establishes a new world order as the High Councilor. A war ensues between the forces of the Darkacts of God and those allied with Jimmy's Insurgency. Five years later, Jimmy (now 16) bliued a time potal to use and went back in time to grab some of his allies when they were younger to help stop Priash Dark and Dank Danny's rule and save the two time periods from evil.


The game swith between action beat-em up to arcade fighting game.


  1. Danny Phantom/Dark Danny
  2. Jenny (XJ-9)
  3. Vendetta
  4. Azula
  5. Kitty Katswell
  6. Reptar
  7. Korra
  8. Raphael
  9. Professor Calamitous
  10. Really Really Big Man
  11. El Tigre
  12. Ember
  13. Dudley Puppy
  14. Vexus
  15. Spongebob Squarepants
  16. Kimi Finster
  17. Sheen Estevez
  18. Man-Arctica
  19. Patrick
  20. Jimmy Neutron
  21. Artie
  22. Zim
  23. Muscular Beaver
  24. Technus
  25. Amon
  26. Tai Lung
  27. Rudy
  28. Beautiful Gorgeous
  29. Leonardo
  30. Bessie
  31. Tuesday X
  32. Dr. Blowhole
  33. Po
  34. Sokka
  35. Tak
  36. Dr. Hutchinson
  37. Donatello
  38. Rocko
  39. Asami
  40. Black Cuervo
  41. Dora
  42. Doug Finnie
  43. Kyle
  44. Otto Rocket
  45. Michelangelo
  46. The Shreder
  47. Ren and Stimpy
  48. Skulker
  49. The Flying Dutchman
  50. The Gromble
  51. Timmy Turner
  52. Toph
  53. Tenzin
  54. CatDog
  55. Plankton
  56. Zuko
  57. Mr. Crocker
  58. Eliza Thornberry
  59. Fright Kinght
  60. Patrick
  61. Mr. Blik
  62. Diego
  63. Mako
  64. Dib
  65. Skipper
  66. Rico
  67. Private
  68. Kowiaski
  69. Doris
  70. Manfredi
  71. Johnson
  72. Mikey Simon
  73. Vlad Plasmius
  74. Tommy Pickles
  75. Sanjay and Craig
  76. Red Megaforce Ranger
  77. Charlotte
  78. Carly Shay
  79. Otis
  80. Fanboy
  81. Chum Chum
  82. Hiro Mightypaw
  83. Finn and Jake (special characters)
  84. The Angry Video Game Nerd (special character)
  85. Nostalgia Critic (speical character)
  86. Sonic the Hedgehog (spical character)
  87. Pariah Dark (mian villain)
  88. Gumball (special character)
  89. Robin (special character)
  90. beast boy (special character)
  91. Z.O.M.G. bloon (special character)
  92. cyborg (special character)
  93. raven (special character)
  94. starfire (special character)

Non-Playable Characters

  1. Sam Manson
  2. Sandy Cheeks
  3. Squidward
  4. Traloc
  5. King Julian
  6. White Pantera
  7. Puma Loco
  8. Mr. Krabs
  9. Timmy's Mom and Dad
  10. Ms. Beady
  11. B.F.B. bloon (special character)
  12. M.O.A.B. bloon (special character)


  • Rocko:


This is set in the same world as the Penguins of Madagascar (verison 2).

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