Gwen Alicia Jessica Stacy Is Gwen Stacy From The Ultimate Marvel Universe Gwen Is Not Weak Like They Say She Is She Is Very Powerful And Strong And Exhibits Powerful Powers And Abilities That Are Far Greater Than The Undertaker's She Wears An Dark Grey Tanktop Which Showed Her Stomach Light Blue Jeans And Black Boots She Has Two Rings On Her Right Arm She Has Long Blond Hair And Dark Red Lips Fun Fact: Gwen Is Jonathan's Actual Girlfriend And Sister

Attraction To The Undertaker

Gwen Was Walking Along Until She Saw An Mysterious Person Who Was Wearing Black/Purple Gwen Got Closer To Inspect Him Further And Was Shocked It Was Jonathan Gwen Blinked Her Beautiful Light Blue Eyes With Black Iris At Jonathan And Attached Herself To Him

Being Saved From Green Goblin

Green Goblin Threw Gwen To Her Death Luckily Gwen Used Her Parachute To Land Safely The Undertaker Knocks Green Goblin Off His Board He Hits The Ground Hard Jonathan Takes Off The Mask And Was Shocked That Female Green Goblin Was Disguised As Green Goblin To Gain Jonathan's Alliance Female Green Goblin Who Then Took The Name Of Elizabeth Simpson Who Turned Her Skin Yellow And Obtains Fire Powers To Fight Crime With

Appearances Outside Marvel Comics

Ultimate Gwen Stacy Makes Numerous Appearances In Other Comics Most Notably Jonathan Comics Which Started In 1993 Published By Archie Which Follows Jonathan's Adventures As He Attempts To Bring Down Dr. Robotnik And End His Rule Of Mobius Most Often Than Not Gwen Would Tag Along On Jonathan's Adventures Along With Members Of The Underworld Assassins Who Were Reformed As The New Freedom Fighters During This Time She Hulk Was Restored Of The Symbiote Which Was Kept In An Beaker She Hulk Tackled Jonathan In Happiness And Kissed Him

Powers And Abilities

Gwen Is The Master Of Many Powers And Abilities She Has All Elemental Powers And Abilities Which Makes Her Great For The New Freedom Fighters Her Rings Shoot Lasers And Has Powerful Abilities

Appearances In Comics

Jonathan (Archie Comics)

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