Tristan Martin is an original character appearing in the Jurassic Park fanfiction Corruption.

Before Corruption

On orders of Alex Amadore, Tristan payed the lawyer who defended Benji Madison on a DUI and involuntary manslaughter twenty years prior becuase he belived there was a cover-up.

After some light torture, the lawyer divulged that Benji was innocent. It was he then girlfriend Stephanie Maximoff, current candidate for governor of Maryland.


Benji, along with Piper Norvell, had found out that Tristan had kidnapped Stephanie. Piper and Benji arrived to see Tristan telling Stephanie that he knew the truth. Stephanie denied it, but Tristan presented evidience.

Even though Benji knew Tristan planned to kill Stephanie, he let him talk as he and Piper hid in the trees. Just as Tristan took out his gun, Benji gave Piper the okay to kill him. She fired a shot and Tristan was killed instantly.



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