Transformers: Arcee is a Transformers fanfiction by Sean Bridges.


Princess Arcee, one of the Princesses of Cybertron, has been sent to Earth because of an invasion of Predacons from the planet Destron. Once she arrives, she has to create a human disguise in order to blend in with the humans.


Princesses of Cybertron

There are three kingdoms on Cybertron, each of them with a king ruling over them. The following characters are their daughters, who are to live in exile until the Maximal-Predacon war is over.

  • Arcee: The lead character in this fanfiction. She is unaware of the war on her homeworld, or that humans aren't exactly the friendliest organic beings in the galaxy, until she finds out for herself from Airazor. Her alternate mode is a jaguar.
  • Airazor: The second Princess of Cybertron to appear in this fanfiction. She is about a megabyte more mature than Arcee is, and keeps cautious around humans, even the ones Arcee has made friends with. Her alternate mode is falcon.
  • Whirlpool: The third Princess of Cybertron to appear. Her personality seems to be based on the Fuzor Silverbolt. Her alternate mode is a dolphin.

Other good characters

  • Cosmos: A "Saucer-bot" that Arcee keeps as a pet. He speaks fluent Mini-Con, but not Cybertronian or English.
  • Nova: A character that masquerades as a Princess of Cybertron, but is not. Near the end of the story, it is revealed she is Unicron's daughter. Her alternate mode is a rabbit, but she is stripped of her Transformer powers when her father swallows her up.

Princesses of Destron

  • Terrorsaur: The main evil character, replacing Megatron. However, she does have a similar personality. Her alternate mode is a pterodactyl.
  • Blackarachnia: The honorable warrior type that usually appears in Power Rangers. She has actually sided with the Maximals on several occasions, only to be eaten by Unicron in the end. Her alternate mode is a spider.
  • Poison Bite: The greatest warrior among the Predacons, lacking any capacity for mercy or emotion. Her alternate mode is an anaconda.

Other evil characters

  • Unicron: The last bad guy the Princesses ever face. He is pretty much the Transformer version of the Devil. He originally appears about the same size as the other Transformers (in which form he seems to be a repaint of RiD Galvatron with a new head), but after that, he changes into his true, planet-size form. Unicron also has the power to warp reality.


  • Wands: The Transformers' primary weapons, which can also turn into lightsabers. (Transforming robots doing magic! Who'd a' thunk it?)
  • Transcycles: The Transformers' only means of transport, which resemble the action figure version of Thrust from Beast Machines.

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