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Tom Fisher was a CTU field agent during Day 1.

Day 1

Fisher was part of the TAC team sent to protect Alexis Texas after she had been sent death threats from George Hanlin. He pointed out the pop star to Andy McDermott but did not recognize her father Richard Texas.

Later, Andy received a radio call from Fisher explaining that he had heard something suspicious on the north side and would report back as soon as he found the source. When Andy did not receive another message, he went to check the north side himself, finding only Larry Blackhorn and Fisher's broken radio.

Larry assured Andy that he had not seen Fisher, or anyone for that matter, on the north side and another agent confirmed that Fisher's last radio call came from the parking lot and not the north side. Refusing to believe that Fisher lied, Andy believed that he was kidnapped and convinced Alexis to perform without security to get her father to admit we was the kidnapper.

Richard, having been found out, called his agent to return Fisher to the stadium. Fisher returned just in time to take charge of Beta team, waiting for the arrival of Paolo Luteni. He was the first to spot the vans and become overrun by Luteni's men, requiring back-up. Andy took him with him when he realized that the west side had been left open and Luteni was already inside.

Andy and Fisher followed the path that Luteni had gone down and shot Luteni in the leg. When his men tried to return fire, Andy and Fisher took them all out. Andy placed Luteni in custody and Fisher took him to be taken back to CTU.

Back at CTU, Fisher took over the interrogation of Luteni, surprised to hear him agree to a immunity agreement so quickly. Chad Crenzler brought him the agreement as well as a phone in order to call his superior, Hamilton Sorel so they could trace his location. Instead, Luteni told Hamilton he was in custody, breaking his immunity agreement.


Day 1

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