Tikhaos Is The Liquid Spirit Fusion Of Tikal The Echidna And Chaos She Is Made Out Of Liquid She Is Lien-Da The Echidna's Special Weapon She Was Later Used As One Of Her Personal Experiments She Requires Chaos Energy To Keep Her Nurished Her Eyes Open Up When She Hears "Tikal" Mentioned She Is Very Attractive, Sexy And Good Looking She Is Kinda Drippy


Despite Being Made Out Of Water Tikhaos Can Use Her Liquid Powers To Trap Enemies In Liquid In Addition She Can Shoot Liquid Balls From Her Arms

First Official Appearance In Lien-Da The Echidna (Archie Comics)

She Made Her Debut In Issue # 1 (1993-94) Part 1: Tikhaos's Heroic Deed Where She Saves Lien-Da From Her Evil Sister And The Dark Legion She Was Shown To Have An Huge Sense Of Humor And Laughs A Lot She Would Become An Valuable Character In The Series Ironically In Issue # 1 Part 2: Tikhaos's Strange Transformation Tikhaos Went From Being An Liquid Girl To Being Tikal The Echidna Herself Tikal Is Also Present In The Series Tikal Smiled And Hugged An Shocked Lien-Da Who Couldn't Believe What Just Happened Tikal Is Also Only One Of The Few Female Echidnas To Actually Have Gone Hyper Before As Tikal Tikal Has Many Useful Abilities That She Can Use To Help Herself Out She Can Also Glide At One Point Tikhaos Was Seperated Resulting In Liquid Tikal The Echidna Being Born She Originally Had No Idea How Tikal Got There But She Didn't Know Who She Was

Powers And Abilities

As Tikhaos (Tikal's Secret Identity)

Regeneration-Tikhaos Can Regenerate Quickly After Being Attacked

Walls Of Liquid-Tikhaos Is Also Adept At Using Walls Of Liquid To Trap Her Enemies Into Walls

Liquid Blast-She Can Use Her Liquid To Attack

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