ThunderClan is a Clan of cats. It is created by Erin Hunter but this is an alternate version. The current Leader is Lionstar.

Clan Members


  • Lionstar - Golden tabby tom with amber eyes


  • Sunblaze - Ginger tom with black stripes

Apprentice: Vinepaw

Medicine Cat:

  • Jayfeather


  • Birchfoot - Brown tom with one white paw
  • Squirrelflight - Ginger she-cat with one white paw
  • Brakenfur - Dark Ginger tabby tom with amber eyes
  • Whitewing - White she-cat with green eyes

Apprentice: Blackpaw

  • Cinderheart - Light Gray she-cat with blue eyes
  • Firestorm - Ginger tabby tom with amber eyes

Apprentice: Stormpaw

  • Silverpelt - Light Gray tabby tom with black stripes
  • Bumblestripe - Gray tom with black stripes that resembles a bumblebee
  • Dovewing - Light Gray she-cat

Apprentice: Robinpaw

  • Sandstorm - Pale Ginger she-cat
  • Spiderleg - Black tom with a ginger belly
  • Thornclaw - Golden Brown tabby tom
  • Ravenclaw - Black tom with amber eyes and a white dash on his chest
  • Cloudtail - White tom with blue eyes
  • Leafpool - White she-cat with brown splotches

Apprentice: Treepaw


  • Vinepaw - Dark Brown tabby tom with a spikey tail
  • Robinpaw - Dark Ginger tom with two white paws
  • Blackpaw - Black tom with a long tail
  • Stormpaw - Dark Gray she-cat with green eyes
  • Treepaw - Tortoiseshell she-cat


  • Sorreltail - White she-cat with black and ginger splotches
  • Brightheart - White she-cat with ginger splotches and a scarred face
  • Goldenflower - Golden tabby she-cat


  • Dustpelt - Dark Brown tabby tom


  • Tigerkit - Dark Brown tabby tom with blue eyes and one white paw
  • Windkit - Light Gray tom with amber eyes
  • Swiftkit - Dark Gray tom with white stripes
  • Lightkit - Black tom with brown stripes

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