when orochimaru makes plans to invade lichdenstad the eight ultras are collected by a mysterious leader who finds them by looking for a glowing tattoo of a sun on their buttocks. seven of the eight ultras are cloud lagentagenstein(yes he is final fantasy cloud), david hasslehoff,link,robin hood, nico robin, sailor moon,and donatello. after they are given zanpakuto by the 8th ultra ,rangiku matsumoto, [the names are cloud (hentai aku ,he was told it was named transformation red),link (masteris totowearenotinkansasanymorus), robin hood (williemtellus notaripoffus)nico robin(multiplicus johntravoltus),sailor moon ( sheus lookgoodus) ,donatello ( bostaffus setokaibus)and david hasslehoff (speedos heissuchahomous) ]. cloud runs off without finding out that the leader is papa smurf.he confronts orochimaru but is defeated in 2 minutes. they each fight an opponent . link fights sonic who originally defeats him with the front lotus but inventualy wins when he uses the bankai of his sword.rangiku fights a turncoat cloud . she wins. sailor quits the show and so does everyone else ending this story.

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