Main Characters

Jonathan The Hedgehog/Bethany The Hedgehog-The Ultimate Lifeform Returns With Three New Girls Aiding Him Ironically Bethany Looks Like Kokoro Herself And Has Her Clothing And Appearance

Kokoro The Hedgehog-She Is Dark Red Furred With An White/Light Purple Hairband Her Spikes Are Very Different Light Purple Earrings On Her Ears With Black Lines On It She Has Light Purple Eyes With Black/White Irises She Wore An Dark Purple Jacket Which Showed Her Dark Red Stomach And Tail With Black Stripe Dark Black Pants And White/Purple Shoes And Dark Yellow Inhibitor Rings She Is Very Friendly And She Is Flirtatious With Jonathan

Andrea The Hedgehog- She Has Long Yellow Hair She Has Ear Pieces On Her Left Ear She Wears Headphone On Her Head She Wears An Black Tanktop Which Had The Red Dragon Design On It Which Showed Her Boobs And Yellow Stomach She Wears Black Short With Black Short Legs And Black High Heels She Has Black Eyelids She Also Has Aqua Blue Eyes And Black Pupils Jonathan's 4th Girlfriend And Roommate Was Destiny The Monkey

Sugar The Hedgehog-Sugar Has Black Fur Sugar Has Dark Purple Quills And Long Purple Hair She Wears Her Light Blue/White Tanktop Which Showed Her Big Boobs And Black Stomach She Wears Light Blue/White Pants And Shoes She Has Dark Blue Eyelids And Has Tortuqois Blue Eyes With Black/White Pupils Sugar Is Jonathan's Cousin

Destiny The Monkey-She Wore An Black Tanktop Which Showed Her Light Pink Stomach She Had Long Light Pink Hair And Her Two Light Pink Ears That Go Downwards She Has Green Eyes She Has An Light Pink Tail She Wears An Dark Brown Sleeveless Jacket Dark Brown Pants With Black Belt And Wears Amy's Boots

Other Sonic Characters

Sandra The Hedgehog-Sandra Is Golden With Dark Brown Quills She Has 6 Backwards Spikes She Wears An Light Green Tanktop Which Showed Her Golden Stomach Black/Green Leather Pants And White/Black Shoes With Green Line On It She Has Dark Brown Eyes An Yellow Tail That Sticks Out Behind Her And Black/Green Wristbands She Has Sunglasses On Top Of Her Head

Guest Starring

Angelina Jolie As Rosy The Rascal-Rosy Wears An Different Outfit She Wears Her Yellow/Orange Tubetop Which Showed Her Humongous Boobs And Pink Stomach Wears An Black Skirt, Black Jacket With Flames On It Pink/Black High Heels, White Gloves Her Pink Hair Is Longer And Black Hairband Covers It Rosy Is Very Useful In Battle Because Of Her Weaponry Skills She Is Taller Than Before At 6"5 She Gained Muscle Mass Making Her Physically Stronger One Noticeable Feature With Rosy Is That She Has Hot Red Lips And Makeup On Her She And Nicole Have Issues # 2 And Onwards To Themselves Which Feature Only Them Naomi, Kirsten The Hedgehog Talitha And Jessica Prower And An New Character Shima The Hedgehog She Appears In All Seasons And Episodes She Plays An Important Part In The Series

Carmen Electra As Maria Robotnik/Maria The Hedgehog/Rosy The Rascal Jr/Shade The Echidna/Julie-Su The Echidna/Lara-Su The Echidna (Jani-Ca) -Rosy Jr Looks Like Rosy And Wears The Same Outfit As Her And Has The Same Makeup And Long Pink Hair As Rosy

Nicole The Hedgehog-Nicole Wore The Same Clothes As Rachael

Scene 1: Saving The Knothole Freedom Fighters From The Suppression Squad

  • On Westside Island*

Destiny The Monkey: *Climbing From Tree To Tree* It's Nice To Be With You Jonathan *Smiles* I'm Soft And Cuddly

Jonathan The Hedgehog: I Know

Kokoro The Hedgehog: *Jumps Down From The Roof* Okay I Just Gained The Pinpoint Location Of The Suppression Squad

Sugar The Hedgehog: Great!!!

Andrea The Hedgehog: Please Tell Us Where Are They Located

Kokoro The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Okay I'll Tell You All They're At Freedom HQ

Destiny The Monkey: Oh I See

Kokoro The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Now Let's Go!!!!

  • They Sped Off*

Destiny The Monkey: *Climbing From Wall To Wall* We Should Be There Shortly

Kokoro The Hedgehog: *Skating Fast* I Agree

Jonathan The Hedgehog: *Grinding On Rails* Yeah

Kokoro The Hedgehog: *Smiles* You Know Jonathan I'm Starting To Like You Very Much In Fact We Should Partner Up Together

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Great Idea!!!!

Andrea The Hedgehog: Me, Sugar The Hedgehog And Destiny The Monkey Team Up Together

  • They Each Go Their Seperate Ways*

Kokoro The Hedgehog: Alright Now We Must Get There Fast

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Yeah I Agree

  • They Get There*

Kokoro The Hedgehog: *Hops In Jonathan's Lap* Quick Let's Go!!!!

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Right *Speeds Off*

  • Inside Freedom HQ*

Kokoro The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Okay We Must Find The Brain Trust You Might Wanna Change

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Right *Goes Into The Changing Room*

  • Minutes Later*

Bethany The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Hey Kokoro Did You Know I'm Your Sister

Kokoro The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I Didn't Know That You Look Exactly Like Me

Bethany The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I Know Let's Kick Some Ass

Kokoro The Hedgehog: Okay!!!!

  • They Both Skate Off*

Kokoro The Hedgehog: Alright *Raises Her Chaos Emerald* Ready?

Bethany The Hedgehog: *Raises Her Chaos Emerald* Ready

  • They Both Teleport At The Same Time Into The Brain Trust Fund Room*

Rosy The Rascal: Ooh You're In Just Time We Were Expecting You Both

Kokoro The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I Know Did You See Where They Were Fighting At?

Rosy The Rascal Jr: They Were Fighting Over There

Kokoro The Hedgehog: Hmm Rosy How Do We Get In There

Rosy The Rascal: There's 2 Options One We Must

  • The Others Arrive*

Destiny The Monkey: We Come As Soon As We Can

Sugar The Hedgehog: Yeah

Andrea The Hedgehog: Yeah I Know So What Should We Do Now?

Bethany The Hedgehog: We Should Fight Them

Andrea The Hedgehog: Yeah Okay Team Assemble!!!!!

  • They Line Up*

Kokoro The Hedgehog: Let's Fight!!!!!

  • The Battle Begins*

Nicole The Hedgehog: *Sliding All Over The Place* Whoa!!!! I'm Sliding This Isn't Right I Must Get To The Activation System That Is If I Can Even Find It *Smiles* Ooh I See An Room That Leads To The Activation System There It Is *Walks Into The Room* *Presses The Switch* Okay It's Set An Escape Route Should Appear Right About Now

  • Escape Route Appears*

Nicole The Hedgehog: Quick Everyone To The Escape Route

Rosy The Rascal: Well Our Base Is Stationed Here In Mobius

Kokoro The Hedgehog: Okay

Destiny The Monkey: Right

Andrea The Hedgehog: Okay

Sugar The Hedgehog: Okay

Bethany The Hedgehog: Okay

Sandra The Hedgehog: An Escape Route How Fascinating *Smiles* I'll Follow

  • They Take The Escape Route*
  • Outside*

Bethany The Hedgehog: Who Are You?

Sandra The Hedgehog: The Name's Sandra Sandra The Hedgehog *Smiles* I Moved To Westside Island From Mobius

Bethany The Hedgehog: Okay Then Let's Proceed

Scene 2: Saving The Flickies

  • On Westside Island*

Bethany The Hedgehog: Okay Any New Interesting Developments

Sandra The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Robotnik's Been Turning Flickies Into Robots To Power His New Machine

Bethany The Hedgehog: That's Just Downright Wrong

Destiny The Monkey: I Know We Must Save The Flickies

Sugar The Hedgehog: Right

Andrea The Hedgehog: Let's Go!!!

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