An Tag Team Group Consisting Of Bethany And Lisa Simpson Managed By Maggie Simpson (An Great Manager Heel And Face)

History And Formation (1990-94)

When Jonathan (The Undertaker) Debuted At WWF Survivor Series (1990) He Was Main Attraction He Beat Hulk Hogan In 1991 To Win The WWF And Successfully Beaten Ric Flair Also In 1991 To Retain His Title But An Injury In 1994 Caused His Career To End Which Brought The Introduction To Bethany Simpson Who Would Be A Great Wrestler

Tag Team Dominance (1994-1999)

Bethany And Lisa Simpson Would Pair Up To Form The Undertakers Who Would Easily Manhandle The Quebecers To Win The Tag Team Titles Overall They Won 40 Tag Team Titles Together While Bethany Simpson Herself Overall Won 42 WWF Championships

Various Storylines And Formation Of The New Union (1996-1999)

The Undertakers Were Placed In Random Storylines Involving Them During Buried Alive Bethany Simpson Successfully Buried Mankind In 1997 At Wrestlemania 13 Bethany Wearing Her 1990-91 Attire Beats Sycho Sid To Become The 2nd Time WWF Champion The New Union (The Simpson Girls Dressed As 1994-96 Undertaker) Taking On The Corporate Ministry In 1998 To Mid 1999 The New Union Buried The Corporate Minstry Which Caused Friction Between The Corporate Ministry Thanks To Lisa's Quick Thinking And Response

Last Hoorah And Wrestlemania 15 (1999)

They Made Their Last Appearance At Wrestlemania As Bethany Simpson At This Point Had Won 42 World Wrestling Federation Championships And Held 40 World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championships With Lisa Simpson

Life After WWF (1999-Present)

During Their Post WWF Careers They Still Wore Their 1994-96 Attire They Were Called Into Battle By The Freedom Fighters And So They Ventured Into Mobius As They Try To Stop Eggman As Seen In Bethany And Maggie Simpson

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