Main Characters

Poison-She Wore Her Police Cap White Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And White Stomach Dark Grey Shorts With Her Handcuffs On The Side Black Shoes She Had Long Pink Hair Aqua Blue Eyes With Black Irises And Hot Red Lips And Black Eyelashes That Version Instantly Became In Love With Jonathan She Was In 3D Whereas Jonathan Is Normal Digitalized She Has Been His Manager Since 1990 (Her Debut And Jonathan's Debut) Poison Is No Pushover Poison Can Counter Every Move And Finisher And Poison Has An Unique Finisher And Signature Move And An Awesome Moveset To Her Poison Would Often Assist The Undertaker In Matches Via Her Amazing Moveset She First Met Jonathan In 1990 In Los Angeles Where He As Undertaker Took On Jobbers In A Dark Match Since Undertaker's Already In The World Wrestling Federation System As The Undertaker Over Time Their Relationship Had Grown

Jonathan As Himself/The Undertaker (Jonathan's Costume There's 2 Versions Deadman/Western Mortician And Original Deadman 1994-Present)

C. Viper


Juri-This Weird Girl Is An Huge Fan Of The Undertaker She Has His Posters


Vanessa (First Official Appearance)


Also Starring (Poison's Sisters/Daughters/Relatives)

Roxy-She Is Poison's Identical Twin Sister They Both Wear The Same Clothes And Look A Like As Well

Rose-She Is Poison's Younger Sister






Scene 1: Undertaker's Debut (1990-91) Deadman Era (1990-91)

  • In The Locker Room*

Poison: *Blushes* I'm In 3D But This Is Weird How Did I End Up In 3D I Mean This Is Weird To Me I Never Knew I Was Turned 3D

Jonathan: I Know Right

Poison: Ooh I Think We Could Make Great History Together And It Begins Here

Jonathan: *Puts His Grey Gloves On* Deadman Walking Alright

  • GONG!!!! As Undertaker's 1990-91 Theme Funeral Dirge Plays*

Poison: *Leads Jonathan Towards The Ring With Her Pink Urn*

Jonathan: *Walks Like A Deadman Towards The Ring*

  • WWF Survivor Series (1990)*

1st Match: The Million $ Team (Ted DiBiase, The Undertaker (Jonathan) And Rhythem & Blues (Honky Tonk Man And Greg Valentine With Virgil, Jimmy Hart And Brother Love, Poison) Vs. The Dream Team (Dusty Rhodes, Koko B. Ware And The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart And Jim Neidhart))

Bret Hart: Who Is This Guy?

JIm Neidhart: He's Impervious To Pain And He's Like An Deadman Occult Macabre Zombie-Like Powerhouse I Heard That Owen Got Destroyed By This Guy With A Tombstone

Bret Hart: Dang That Had To Hurt I Warned Owen About This Guy

Poison: *Takes Off Jonathan's Black Stetson Cowboy Hat Then Takes Off His Coat*

  • The Bell Rings Signaling The Start Of The Match*

Jonathan: *Flips Koko B. Ware Upside Down Performs An Jumping Tombstone Piledriver Puts His Hands Over Him*

  • Koko B.Ware Is Eliminated*

Jonathan: *Irish Whips Dusty Rhodes Onto The Ropes Then Chokeslams Him Out Of The Ring*

  • Dusty Rhodes Is Eliminated*

Jonathan: *Tags In Ted DiBiase*

Ted DiBiase: 2 Guys Eliminated Piece Of Cake

  • Ted, Virgil, Jimmy, Brother Love And Greg Valentine Get Eliminated*

Jonathan: *Grabs Bret And Jim's Neck And Chokeslams Them Out Of The Ring Eliminating Them Both* Aha!!!

  • They Would Go On To Win The Main Event*

Poison: *Smiles* I Must Say That Was One Awesome Performance There You Definitely Look The Part Of The Deadman

Jonathan: I Know

Poison: Let's Go Out For Dinner *Smiles*

Jonathan: Sure!!!!

  • At The Resteraunt*

Jonathan: I See Cammy And Juri Over There

Juri: *Smiles* Is That The Deadman

Cammy: It Is

C. Viper: *Smiles* Why Is He Wearing His Black/Grey Attire

Chun-Li: Good Question *Smiles* He's In His Deadman Gimmick First Of Many For Him

Vanessa: Wow

Jessica: I'm Surprised By That

Poison: Oh Look It's Our Friends *Smiles* I'm Trying To Take Undertaker To The Top Wanna Help Me Out

Juri: Sure!!!!

Cammy: Sure Why Not

C.Viper: Why Certainly We'll Be Happy To Help Out

Chun-Li: Sure What's In It For Us

Vanessa: Sure!!!

Jessica: Count Me In!!!!

Scene 2: Wrestlemania VII (1991) Western Mortician Era (1991-94)

  • Gong!!!*
  • Jonathan Is Already In The Ring*

Jonathan: How Did That Happen? Is This Scripted?

  • During The Match The Lights Go Out*

Jimmy Snuka: ?

  • Jonathan Reappears*

Jonathan: *Tombstones Snuka For The Win To Go 1-0*

Poison: Dang He Never Had A Chance He Destroyed Him

  • At WWF Survivor Series (1991)*

Match 1: WWF Championship

The Undertaker (Jonathan) Vs. Hulk Hogan

  • During The Match*

Hulk Hogan: *Attempts To Punch Undertaker*

Poison: *Lifts Hulk Hogan Up And Does The 360 Body Slam And Exits The Ring*

Jonathan: *Grabs Hogan's Neck*

Hulk Hogan: *Tries To Plead With Undertaker*

Jonathan: *Flips Hogan Upside Down And Performs The Jumping Tombstone Piledriver*

  • Undertaker Is Crowned New WWF Champion*
  • Undertaker Retains His Title At This Week In Texas PPV Beating Ric Flair*

Scene 2: Wrestlemania VII (1992) 2-0 Streak (1992)

  • WWF Wrestlemania VII Match Card*

Match Card

Match # 1:Singles Match

The Undertaker Vs. Jake The Snake Roberts

Match # 2: WWF Interconential Championship

Bret Hart Vs. British Bulldog

Match # 3: WWF Championship

The Undertaker Vs. Ric Flair

  • In The Locker Room*

Jonathan: I Hate Snakes And Everybody Knows That Fact

Poison: I Know Bret Just Killed Jake's Snake By Stomping On It

  • The Matches Are Over*

Jonathan: *Raises His WWF Championship Kneels Down*

Scene 3: Taking On And Conquering Giant Gonzalez WM IX (1993)

  • At Wrestlemania 9*

Jonathan: *Enters From The Entrance Into The Ring Riding On A Wheelbarrow With A Raven On It*

Poison: What's With Undertaker And Wheelbarrows?

Chun-Li: It's Undertaker's Special Entrance Only Seen At Wrestlemania 9

Poison: So Basically This Is The Only Time Undertaker Uses This Entrance

Chun-Li: Precisely

Jonathan: *Climbs Over The Ring Ropes Into The Ring*

Giant Gonzalez: I'd Better Go Easy On Undertaker It's His 3rd Wrestlemania I'll Job To Him Here *Standing Ringside*

Harvey Wippleman: I Think That's The Best Thing You Can Do At This Point Since Undertaker Has Momentum

Poison: *Takes Off Jonathan's Black Stetson Cowboy Hat And Jacket*

Jonathan: *Rolls His Eyes Back*

Giant Gonzalez: *Worried* That Is A Bad Sign

Poison: *Smiles* I'll Give You Good Luck *Kisses Jonathan On The Cheek With Her Hot Red Lips And Hugs Him*

Jonathan: *Powered Up* I'm Ready To Lay Giant Gonzalez To Rest

  • After The Match*

Jonathan: *Kneels Down On One Leg In The Ring As It Turns Dark*

Poison: *Kisses Jonathan On The Cheek* You Did It

Scene 4: Undertaker Triumphant In The Royal Rumble Casket Match (1994)

  • The Casket Match Is Set To Begin In A Few Hours*
  • In The Locker Room*

Jonathan: *Changes His Glove Color To Purple*

Poison: Okay Let Me Guess You're Turning Into Original Deadman *Smiles*

Jonathan: Yep I'm Thinking That An New Persona Change Is Needed

Poison: Oh Wow It's An Different Undertaker I See I Think This Would Be The Perfect Time To Form An Tag Team One That Is Feared I'm An Great Choice As Your Tag Team Partner I'm Very Skillful In Everything Including Submission Moves I'm Adapted At Aerial And Ground Moves Just Because I'm 5"9 Does Not Mean I'm An Pushover Oh No I'm Much More Difficult To Handle

Stephanie: We Can Win Our Belts With Style

Casket Match: The Undertaker Vs. Yokozuna

  • Undertaker Beats The Shit Out Of Other Opponents*

Jonathan: *Tombstones Yokozuna And Rolls Him Into The Casket* *Takes The Japanese Flag And Destroys It And Tosses It In The Casket*

  • Jonathan Is Standing In The Ring*

Jonathan: *Kneels Down In The Middle Of The Ring*

  • The Ring Turns Dark*

Scene 4: Wrestlemania XI (4-0) (1995)

  • Main Event: The Undertaker Vs. King Kong Bundy**


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