Main Characters (The Daughters Look Like Shade)

Nikki The Hedgehog-She Also Has Black Long Hair With Red Quills Red Eyes With Black Irises She Also Wears An Red Tanktop That Shows Her Black Boobs And Stomach She Wears Red Underwear The Difference Here Is Nikki Doesn't Wear Spikes Much Like Shade Herself Rather Nikki Wears Casual Clothing She Also Wears Dark Grey Pants And Red Shoes She Also Has Red Wristbands And Wears White Gloves

Jonathan The Hedgehog-The Original Ultimate Lifeform His Daughters Are Female Ultimate Lifeforms

Shade The Hedgehog-Shade Has Long Black Hair With Red Quills Wears An Red Tubetop Showing Her Boobs And Stomach She Wore Dark Grey Pants And Red Shoes With A Spiked Belt She Has An Light Yellow Mouth

Carla The Hedgehog

Rachael The Hedgehog

Ashley The Hedgehog

Scene 1: Stopping The Death Egg

  • On The Hill*

Shade The Hedgehog: *Looking Through Her Binoculars* Wait I See Something

Nikki The Hedgehog: The Death Egg!!!!

Carla The Hedgehog: I Seen That Before It's From Sonic 3 And Knuckles

Ashley The Hedgehog: I Agree

Rachael The Hedgehog: No Kidding I Can Instantly Recognize That

Jonathan The Hedgehog: The Moment When I Think Eggman Might Kill Me This Time

Shade The Hedgehog: Uh Oh

Nikki The Hedgehog: We Should Make Our Getaway

Jonathan The Hedgehog: Everybody RUN!!!! It's Falling This Way

  • They Run As The Death Egg Falls Toward Them*

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