Captain Sulu took the USS Excelsior near the Klingon border after cataloging gaseous anomalies in the Beta Quadrant. Suddenly, the moon Praxis exploded. The explosion created a vortex in which the Star Destroyer Broadsword emerged. The Broadsword was a rogue Star Destroyer from the Galactic Empire. The Broadsword's crew had violated the Empire's policy of Human High Culture by allowing Wookiees, Mon Calamari, Lurrians, and Talz to join their crew. The Broadsword then escaped to the Star Trek universe. Captain Sulu opened hailing frequencies to the Broadsword and said "This is Captain Hikaru Sulu of the USS Excelsior. Identify yourself!" The Broadsword's commander said "I am the commander of the Imperial Star Destroyer Broadsword. It is nice to meet you, Captain Sulu!" Captain Sulu had a conversation with the Broadsword's commander and then he contacted the Klingon High Command, offering assistance to the Klingons. Brigadier Kerla replied "The situation is under control! We have no need for assistance! Obey treaty stipulations and remain outside the Neutral Zone!" The Excelsior then escorted the Broadsword to Starbase 13 for repairs.

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