The solaris twins mephiles and iblis by cylent nite-d5n9l08.png

They Are The Enemies Of Jonathan The Hedgehog Iblis The Hedgehog (An Girl) Isn't An Enemy Of Jonathan The Hedgehog Rather She Is His Friend And Sidekick And Travels With Him Everywhere She Married Jonathan The Hedgehog In Mobius Shortly After Mephiles Was Defeated By Him They Have 8 Girls They Are Anna The Hedgehog, Abby The Hedgehog, Elizabeth The Hedgehog, Melody The Hedgehog, Jessica The Hedgehog, Desiree The Hedgehog, Katie The Hedgehog And Rose The Hedgehog Whom They Are Proud Parents Of Each Of Them Are 15 Years Old She Has An Thing On Her Head Which Allows Her To Access Her 2nd Form Their New Ally Anne The Hedgehog (Crystalize Form) Joins Them

Iblis's Adventures With Jonathan

She Joins Jonathan's Side Hoping To Help Him Out They Joined Together


Jonathan The Hedgehog: The Rise Of Mephilia The Dark (Note: This Is The First Time Mephiles Is Not Seen In This Movie) Rather It's Undertaker (Disguised As Ministry Undertaker)

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