Grand gooey gathering by doodledowd-d5ujxj2

The Slimeys Are Jonathan The Hedgehog's Allies That Appear In Numerous Movies/Fanfics Here's The Slimeys And Their Voice Actors

Water Girl - *ralphbear Vanity - ~AspiraSakka117 Kat - ~Kaboozle Biryuzka - *XJ2010 Synthea - ~KingMonster Era - Some person Yuri - ~awesomex18 (Fun Fact: Yuri Is Fascinated In The History Of The Chaos Emeralds) Cutlass - ~Superblade Murk - *Chronorin Queen - Me Annie - ~P-z-p-Z (Annie Is The One Wearing The Cybernetic Tanktop And Pants) Which Shows Her Green Slimy Stomach Fun Fact: Jonathan First Encounters Annie Sitting Under The Tree Annie Then Hugs Jonathan Smiling Betty - *Ecchi-Lion Ganokonn and Lili - ~Phoebeartfulgirl992 Hira - ~zipzap134 Fialka - *XJ2010 Arillia - ~SpaceCrater Rubi - *Ecchi-Lion Linda - *TRADT-PRODUCTION Zinc - *IdolMonkeh Kia - *Kai-Chronaius Jelli - ~scorrius Candy - *Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger Cernia - ~exodd Teru and Naryn - ~SpaceCrater SUPER Aika - ~AspiraSakka117 Satu - ~TroubleLeaf Dulee - Me Rugu - ~JHcolley Liol - ~SageIkoma Loa - *Kai-Chronaius Marina - ~mizox Ventus - ~SIR-Kuma Katie - ~mizox Scythis - ~Swade9wade Leemo - Me Solnyshko - *XJ2010 Lavender - ~SageIkoma Vis - Me Katie - ~SpaceCrater Cel - ~SageIkoma Viva and Luxu - Me AND in the front Row Jean - *Ecchi-Lion (Jean Has 3 Speaking Parts Jean Has A Sexy Voice She Is Red Wearing Light Purple T-Shirt) Kirschy - Me Sepia - ~SageIkoma Omega - ~mizox

Aiding Jonathan The Hedgehog

The Slimeys Came To Jonathan's Aid When Kia Received An Signal That He's Fighting The Suppression Squad Inside Freedom HQ And So Annie And Kia Lead The Slimeys Into Battle With The Suppression Squad Katie Uses Her Slimey Arms To Take Out The Members Of The Suppression Squad Queen Uses Her Laser To Attack Miles And Jonathan The Hedgehog And Kia Took On The Girls As Kia Used Her Slimey Arms To Tie The Girls Up And Jonathan The Hedgehog Picks Up The Girls And Delivers His Death Valley Driver On Them The Other Slimeys Attack Them With Their Slimey Arms It Showed Kia And Jonathan Kissing Kia Picking Jonathan Up And Hugging Him

Becoming Jonathan's Personal Servants

They Became Jonathan's Servants And Annie Uses Her Intelligence To Help Out Jonathan Annie's Best Skill Is Her Slimey Arms Jean And Other Slimeys Decided To Help Jonathan Out But When Eggman Plots To Destroy Mobius Jonathan Calls Upon The Slime Girls To Assist Him Annie Immediately Tagged Along With Jonathan Kia As Usual Gathers Her Army Of Slimeys And Marches Into Eggman's Base And Took Out Eggman

Grand Gooey Gathering

The 100th Annual Gathering Of The Gooey Slime Girls Took Place In Mobius With All The Festivities Happening One Of The High Points Of The Gathering Was Annie And Jonathan Taking An Picture Together The Female Slime Girls Celebrated Annie Smiled And Hugged Him Again


Jonathan The Hedgehog And The Slimey Girls

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