Chuckles the clown made everyone laugh wherever he went. But he had one problem. That problem was that he kept on saying "I didn't do anything" wherever he went. People were beginning to get annoyed at Chuckles and complained to the circus management. The bosses felt that Chuckles' behavior would start to ruin business. So they called Chuckles into a meeting and told him "Sorry, Chuckles, but we have to let you go!" Chuckles was devastated and began saying "What did I do, what did I do?" The boss said that Chuckles was annoying customers and this was a business decision. Chuckles vowed revenge on the circus. One day, when the circus was playing, Chuckles snuck into the big top and set a fire. It quickly spread throughout the tent, killing 50 people, 6 lions, 8 elephants, 2 giraffes, and Chuckles' old boss. Chuckles was delighted with himself until the police came knocking on his door with a warrant for his arrest on arson and murder charges. At the trial, video evidence clearly showed Chuckles light a fire to the tent. He was found guilty of all the charges. He was sentenced to 50 life sentences without the possibility of parole. Chuckles was not laughing now nor did he make anybody else laugh either. Pounding rocks was in his future and escape was impossible.

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