The time lord and teletoon unite has landed in a racing tourment where cartoon characters are competing too race in a win for the national perfessional cup and 100000 dollars. If they ever survive the racing gaunlet and a rich entorponuer which whom remained anonymous, and then they met irving whom was apart of the super fabulous racing tournament 3 and what await as the ground swallow racers.


the tardis has landed in somewhere in a stadium full of people whom are gathered into a race and then anakin tells him about the race,then he told him that someone is devouring carts,and then they seen all the racers:aang,atzie,kimo,freddy,dib,zim,teen,pit,mr mark,mr clock,titans,laval,mario,tito,turbo,spongebob,danny,timmy,patrick,squidward,tom,jerry,and the rest whom were going too race,and then biff and buzz was going too introduce them on t.v and then the time lord has meet them and then they were going into the race and then aztie,kimo,and freddy whom met the timelord once again and anakin tells him that they met each other on christmas and saving the world from evil and then they thinked that is a swell ride and,then met poseidon,Quetzalcoatl and then told them that all gods are warrior forms and gods give them googles for his friends,asoka,jinja,has found a spaceship in the ground and not Silurian craft and then asoka has entered the craft and then they saw a battle droid and it was dead and then the race was starting and get back up stairs and then a mysterious figure was climbing near them and then biff and buzz was announcing the racers And the racers as they were getting ready for cheer on the racers and then wear these googles and like the rest of the crowds,and the racers,and then the racers were getting ready for the race in jump city and after they do that biff and buzz will be ready,and then everyone was cheering on for the race and then seeing cheating from tom and his big unicycle and then just as tom was going too crush them all and he got disqualified,and back into the race and then turbo win and while the rest has been playing competitions on each other,and then the next race is suppose too be in china,and then asoka has woken up and see a mysterious guy in a hood,and then asoka recognize those eyes from somewhere,and it jex 14,whom was here,and then cures Asoka and then she uses her lightsaber and then jex was sent by Luke,Wallace,jedi padawans,c3po,and r2d2 (lego),and then they find squad three whom are looking for their ship,and then she was bring him somewhere safe,and then they were back at the race and finding out that the next race is located is in china in the guardian's of the lost code and then they have guards with pointy spears and then they were starting and then the racers were dodging their spears,and aang was hit and then he got out of the race and then shirako,used a sonicboom with his ipod and then brijes whom were heading for the finish line and then they were all beaten by turbo,and showing results,and then they were here by biff and buzz whom were telling them because they were losing by turbo at those two racing events and then turbo was just telling his speed too them and his story,and then this night and they heard kimo,atzie,and freddy,whom were making their cart too do better,and with new upgrades,and then they were going back too sleep and kimo was kidnapped by the ground,and then tom was captured and screaming,and then the next morning.They were seeing more evidence of mroe holes in the ground and then the time lord thinks that is bio technology and then they thinked that someone has came through the surface and seeing luke whom was checking something seeing that something is invisible and then anakin met luke,and then they use a can of paint and then they revealed a destroyed dalek,and then loss of visual,weapon system deactivated,motor plating non-functioning,and it's dead and it never master invisibility right back on spiridon,and then thinked that someone could has mastered it and signed up with the rest and then they found another hatch and then more new racers from:Cars,Cars 2,torchwood,Pirates of the Caribbean,and doctor who.whom were all here for they signed on too the race and then they find georgia,trip,and burgundy has been here before them,and they were figuring out their new plans and found the ship that they shot down and then they think that they could destroyed the ship and then the timelord has told that someone could have been inside that ship,and then they used their pokemon too destroy the ship and then they taken him to the hatch and then inside the silurian's spaceship in the beginning with the earth and destroyed with the solar flares in the future,and then the timelord has been taken too the prison cells,with muty and spikes whom were captured and then so were brijes,and then they found a hatch and then they try too unlock it and then anakin and asoka has found silurrian explosives in their tent and then another crash has landed and they investigate the location of the crash,and then they find out it was tony,edyn,strag,and their six member of the brijes gang,whom was finding about of The Silurian and cyberman Strike Armies and somewhere in their base their are ten trillions billions of silurians and cyberman,and then jex 14 has arrived and then he tells them how too get inside and then last remaining spiridons has been gathering racing suits because they were going too find out what were they doing here,and they arrived at where they get their suits,and then got into the ship,and then they find out that they must get into the icecanos tunnels and then they were keep going and then heard the icevolcano erupting and ice liquid is coming in front of them,and then the spiridons left the bundles in front of the control room and then trip was going too plan and after they were going too get the power orbs and leave this planet,and then trip sent the cybermen too taken for interrogation,and then the cybermen opened the prison cell,for timelord,spikes,and muty too defeat the cybermen with a large headache,and then find many prison cells and for them too open,and kimo and tom were free and then they find edyn and the rest in the ventilation shafts and then they pry it open and then burgundy has close the cooling ducts and they escaped and then they see more of them and then the molten ice flooded near them,and then they went too the enterance and then spike has droped something and left and then they find where sliurian explosives and power orbs are and send a patrol,and the timelord has deadlocked the door,and got back too the next race and then they went through racing tracks in their dimensions.And then atzie and freddy whom were following them to the stand where they keep the cups,and locations was their and then they used one explosion of their's and took the cups out and put the explosive inside the sliurians and cybermen see it and they ran and two of cybermen has been blow up and then they left with the cups,and then freddy and atzie whom were back with the timelord.And after they were back at the race events were back in other universes of their's:Cardiff,London,tortuga,bikini bottom,fairy world,retrovile,Aplapachula,japan,Radiator springs.And then they find jex 14,with the jedi younglings,c3po,r2d2,and wallace,and tells them about something. Wrong with the most of the crowds whom were zombies and then bit each other right now,and they were running and screaming and then find millions of zombies and strange about those ear pods turning into zombies,and the daleks and chur was here and then crowds turn against on them and ran too the garages and then people staring too get bitten and then chur won't let them in if their zombies and let's them in and then they blocked the door and find out that those ear pods are making them into zombies,and then chur was bit and then he told them with those ear pods everyone here is going too be dead unless they use the fridation unit will use it too save everyone and then they thinked that chur is bitten and then ashio is too and then hits the window and every zombies comes through and they ran and then they.They ran for the hatch and then they ran into the sliurians once again,and dodges the zombies and turned on the temperture too zero precent,and the zombies were cold,and the ear pods were off and everyone was back too normal,and then biff and buzz was announcing the last race event was suppose too be tomorrow and anakin and everyone was going too help each other too win the race and then turbo has been captured by the spiridons and taken too the sliurians and the cybermen. Then atzie and freddy has found him taken with the explosives and the power orbs,and they were disguising in the purple fur and while atzie and freddy stole fur coats from two spiridons and then silurians reports them about of the capture of jex 14 and their explosives,And then aztie and freddy whom escaped with jex 14 and the explosives.And then their center control commands them about the armies wakening about tomorrow and then jinja and edyn was spot by the homo reptilla and cybermen,and then told them about the cybermen and silurians by patrol six and then they ran from and then lead them to the molten ice springs and then the cybermen and daleks were grabed and put into liquid ice and then there dead And see the sunrise and they must get inside the spaceship and then the timelord and the rest were going inside the spacecraft.Then they see wallace and then silurians thinked that they are disguised and then the doctor was going with them and then shielding with the dead dalek and then they ran too the lower levels and then the cyberman told him that the one whom is leading a connections too the intruders is the timelord and the doctor greatest enemies of the cybermen and the silurians,Then they heard that the transporters will await futher instructions,and then asoka,muty,and the rest whom were seeing space transports landing on the grounds and then the timelord has made it too the lower levels,and then the digimon emperor has arrived and then here in the sliurian spaceship and then he told them about the operations,and told the silurians too switch on all heating devices,and off coolent unit,and as they feel the temperture rising and then the time lord and tony set the bomb for thirty seconds and they dropped the bomb and the bomb was dropped and then kestral and seelac knows about how you met the doctor through the timelines,and as they try too help them and then they got pass the un-frozen cybermen and silurians,and then as muty and asoka and the rest got down and they see cybermen and silurians got through they used the second one too blow them up and then the cybermen were destroyed and got back with the timelord and then he sets it into the rocky walls and then the cybermen and silurians were destroyed by the explosion of he last one and then sees silurians and cybermen coming through the tunnels and then they thinked that they failed and then heard the molten ice flowing through the arsenal and the cybermen and silurians were safe in their statis pods and the daleks got flooded by the molten ice and then trip was reporting the digimon emperor that no response from any cyber units and silurian soldier and the daleks are in molten ice and then five of them were leaving the ship behind and then the timelord activates the shuttle and then they took off from the ice,and then they were landing safely unharmed and saved and after they completed the last event and then atzie,kimo,freddy has won the event and everyone was going on the transporters.And they could use those space transporters for their worlds and then Spikes tells the timelord that who is he and he will pretend that he was never there,and then they sayed good bye too them and as they lefted with the silurians and spiridons,they see the digimon emperor and his aides are pursuing them and then got pass through the sponge plants and then they left with the tardis and then the digimon emperor will send a rescue craft and then he begin preparations too free the silurians and cyber units from the ice,and delayed not defeated.And as the timelord has activated the console and then seeing earth and where they back where they belonged and then asoka has been telling him about going too somewhere and as the timelord and asoka go somewhere in the universe.

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