Main Characters

Lisa Simpson-Lisa Had Long Hair Which Was Held By Her Necklace She Worn An Black Tanktop Which Showed Her Yellow Stomach Black Leather Jeans And Wore Black Shoes, She Had Tattoos On Both Of Her Arms

Maggie Simpson-Maggie Wore An Jacket Which Showed Her T-Shirt, Black Jeans And Black Shoes And She Had Longer Hair Than Usual

Lisa Simpson Jr-She Wore The Same Clothing As Lisa

Maggie Simpson Jr-She Wore The Same Clothing As Maggie

Scene 1: Early Stint In The WWF And First Year Off (1990-93)

  • In The WWF Locker Room*

Lisa Simpson: We The Punk Rockers Should Debut On Survivor Series

1990 WWF Survivor Series Match Card

WWF Championship Match

Macho Man Randy Savage Vs. Ric Flair

WWF Tag Team Title Match

Lisa Simpson/Maggie Simpson Vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan/Razor Ramon (1st Match)

Lisa Simpson Jr./Maggie Simpson Jr. Vs Undertaker/Jake The Snake Roberts (2nd Match)

WWF Intercontinental Championship Match

Bret Hart Vs. Mr Perfect

  • The Punk Rockers Ride Into The Ring On Their Motorcycles*

Howard Finkel: At Combined Weight Of 235 Pounds From Springfield, Ilinois Lisa Simpson And Maggie Simpson The Punk Rockers!!!!!

Lisa Simpson: *Smiles* Look At The Pop We're Getting

Maggie Simpson: *Smiles* I Know!!!! They Must Really Love Us

  • The Match Begins*

Lisa Simpson: *Steals Ramon's Finisher Razors Edge Puts Ramon On Her Back And Tosses Him Onto The Ground Pinning*

  • Bell Rings*

Lisa Simpson: *Hoists Up The WWF Tag Team Title*

Maggie Simpson: *Holding Her WWF Tag Team Title*

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