The Omi Within is the second chapter in Megasean3000's fanfiction Wudai Warrior Adventures. It is from Xiaolin Showdown.

Episode Recap

Omi is jealous of the others after using a new Shen Gong Wu, which can turn you into a specific animal, Omi's however was a rabbit. But when he tries to alter that Shen Gong Wu, he is trapped in his rabbit form. The other Warriors try and reclaim the Reversing Mirror from Jack to undo the disaster, but time is not on their side. Can they claim the Reversing Mirror? Or will Oi remain a rabbit forever?

Episode Notes

  • The Creature Within transforms the following people into the following animals: Omi into a rabbit (later to a white lion), Kimiko into a vixen, Raimundo into a golden eagle, Clay as a bull and Jack into a parrot.
  • Second appearance of Samapara.

Xiaolin Showdowns

Raimundo Vs Jack

  • Normal Xiaolin Showdown
  • Fight for: Reversing Mirror
  • Raimundo wagers: Changing Chopsticks
  • Jack wagers: Mantis Flip Coin
  • Challenge: Robot Wars, first to find the Shen Gong Wu wins.
  • Jack won

Rabbit Omi Vs Jack

  • Shen Yi Bu Dare
  • Fight for: Monkey Staff
  • Omi Wagers: Denshi Bunny & Creature Within
  • Jack Wagers: Reversing Mirror & Mantis Flip Coin
  • Extra Cost: If Omi loses, he has to be Jack's pet for eternity and Kimiko has to be Jack's servant.
  • Challenge: Rock climbing, first to the Shen Gong Wu wins.
  • Omi won, Jack won in the Alternate Ending

Shen Gong Wu

Creature Within

  • Appearance: A head band with a lizard as a design on it's front.
  • Abilities: It can transform the user into an animal that is within the user, you cannot change the animal, so you are stuck with it forever. Plus you need absolute focus, or the Shen Gong Wu will become greater than you and keep you as that form forever.
  • Location: In a long meadow as far as the eye can see.

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