Series overview

The series created by fans continues the series The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. It brings back the original characters, but new ones are introduced, which includes the background minor characters and regulars that have joined the character roster, Amy Rose and Knuckles the Echidna.


New Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was created by ToniTheMink on Deviant art with some other artists and writers pitching in.



There have been more planned stories by a specific author, one where Robotnik builds a giant gorilla robot to infiltrate Fort Klox, where all the time in the world is stored. Another called "This is Your Demise", where Breezie Hedgebot Robotnik hosts her talk show, and Dr. Robotnik tries to cause tension between the heroes by getting them to bring up their past mess-ups, hoping to turn them against one another. And Mobius: 10 Years Later Tails has an accident where he gets knocked out and he imagines what life will be like for him and his friends ten years from the present.

DVD releases

DVD Title Release Date Episodes
New Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Volume 1


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