Cartoon Series

Main Characters

Amy Rose (Younger)-Amy Has Long Pink Quills And Front Quills She Wears An Light Green Tubetop Which Showed Her Pink Stomach She Wears Dark Blue Jeans Which Showed Her Pink Tail And Black Sandals She Has An Dark Blue Hairband She Has Green Eyes With Black Iris

Jonathan The Hedgehog/Sarah The Hedgehog

Emily Rose

Marissa Rose

Nikki Rose

Abby Rose

Jackie Rose

Rachael Rose

Mary Rose

Yvonne Rose

Dr. Robotnik

Metal Sonic

Classic Amy Rose

All Mobians And Criminal Organizations

Season 1 Episode 1: Saving Classic Amy Rose (1993-94)

  • On Little Planet*

Young Amy Rose: Quick We Must Save Classic Amy

Marissa Rose: *Smiles* Not If We Don't Have The 7 Time Stones

Rachael Rose: Let's Get The 7 Time Stones

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