Main Characters (Amy's Daughters Wear The Same Clothes)

Amy Rose- Amy Wears An White Tanktop With An Heart On It Showing Her Huge Boobs And Pink Stomach She Wears Her White And Red Skirt With An White/Red Belt On It She Wears Black High Socks Red Bootse She Also Wore An Red Jacket Vest And She Wore An Red Bow On Her Head She Has Green Eyes And An Pink Tail She Wore White Gloves She Also Owns An Pink Sports Car Which Was Highly Upgraded And Updated Making It More Powerful, Invincible And Indestructible Amy Also Has An Daughter Named Amy Rose Jr Who Wore The Exact Clothing As Amy And Had Her Pink Fur And Tail Too They Became Family And They Do Fun And Exciting Things

Amy Rose Jr-She Wears The Same Clothes As Amy

Samantha Rose-Daughter 2

Jessica Rose-Daughter 3

Emily Rose-Daughter 4

Morgan Rose-Daughter 5

Annabelle Rose-Daughter 6

Tiffany Rose-Daughter 7

The New Adventures Of Amy Rose Issue # 1 (1993-94)

Story 1: The Death Egg Rises

  • In Amy's Apartment On South Island*

Amy Rose: Alright Daughter's Here's The Plan For Today

  • BOOM*

Amy Rose Jr: What The Heck Was That

Samantha Rose: I'm Not Sure What That Was

Jessica Rose: Neither Am I

Emily Rose: Me Either

Morgan Rose: I Believe That Was Death Egg

Annabelle Rose: Death Egg?

Tiffany Rose: What's The Death Egg?

Amy Rose: That's Robotnik's Base Of Operations

Amy Rose Jr: Oh Now I See

Samantha Rose: Shouldn't We Stop Him

Amy Rose: *Smiles* Oh Yeah We Should Let's Go!!!!

  • They Hop Into Amy's Pink Sports Car It Drives Off*

Amy Rose: *Driving* We're Just About There

  • They Get Out*

Amy Rose: We're The New Faces Of Justice *Smiles* Yay!!!!

Amy Rose Jr: Yes With Us Here We'll Be Able To Stop Him

Samantha Rose: Now Let's Track Down Robotnik

Jessica Rose: Right

Morgan Rose: I Agree

Annabelle Rose: Agreed

Tiffany Rose: Agreed

  • BOOM*

Amy Rose: I Heard An Noise

Amy Rose Jr: So Did I

Samantha Rose: It's Coming From Somewhere

Jessica Rose: I Think It's From The Death Egg

Morgan Rose: The Death Egg? We Must Stop It

Annabelle Rose: Agreed

Tiffany Rose: Right

Amy Rose: Let's Go!!!

  • They Reached The Death Egg*

Dr. Robotnik: Hohohohoho *Presses Button*

  • Lasers Are Fired*

Amy Rose: *Dodges The Lasers*

  • They Dodge The Lasers*

Amy Rose: What The Heck?

Amy Rose Jr: Oh Come On What Are You Trying To Do To Us

Samantha Rose: I See What He's Trying To Do Here

Jessica Rose: He's Gonna Kill Us All

Morgan Rose: Oh No!!!!

Annabelle Rose: *Frightened* I'm Scared

Tiffany Rose: *Frightened* I'm Too Young, Hot, Sexy And Intelligent To Die

Amy Rose: I Won't Let This Happen *Smiles* Luckily This Switch Right Here Will End You *Presses It*

  • The Death Egg Is Crumbling*

They Escape*

  • BOOM*

Amy Rose: Wow That Was A Close One

Amy Rose Jr: We Were Nearly Killed

Samantha Rose: Oh Dear That's Something We Don't Wanna Encounter Again

Jessica Rose: Agreed

Morgan Rose: Agreed

Annabelle Rose: Agreed

Tiffany Rose: Agreed

Amy Rose: Our Victory Was Won

Amy Rose Jr: Uh? Not Quite

  • The Suppression Squad Is Heading For Freedom HQ*

Samantha Rose: God Dammit I Knew This Was Bound To Happen

Jessica Rose: Don't Worry We'll Cut Them Off

Morgan Rose: Good Idea

Annabelle Rose: Agreed

Tiffany Rose: Great Thinking

Amy Rose: Oh Dear You're Right Let's Stop Them

Story 2: The Battle For Freedom HQ

  • They Arrive At Freedom HQ*

Amy Rose: Now Team Let's Split Up And Take Them Down

Amy Rose Jr: Right

Samantha Rose: Right

Jessica Rose: Right

Morgan Rose: We Should Attack Them

Annabelle Rose: Charge!!!!

Tiffany Rose: Yeah!!!!

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