The Mr. Men Show is a 2013 video game by Sega.


You create your own Mr. Man or Little Miss, and you're just moving to Dillydale. You buy a house, but have to pay it off by gaining DillyDollars (the currency). You can gain it by working, or doing tasks for the other citizens. You can gain their friendship by being kind to them as well. Some citizens it takes longer to gain their friendship (Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Rude, etc.), but if you try hard enough, you'll be able too. You're character also has needs (food, sleep, etc.), and if the needs are met, the character can move faster, and get jobs done better. The game is also programmed to a clock (the time changes with the time the system is set too). Just like in the show, jobs change every Tuesday, even for the other characters (for example, on day, Mr. Happy might be working in the shop, and the next day, Mr. Tickle's working there). You can also travel by other means instead of walking, like bikes, skateboards, and cars.

Secret Level

If you hit the M in the Mr. Men Show logo, you gain access to a secret level, which is working at the Tiddletown Railroad Workshop.

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