Jenny was very upset! She was upset because she wasn't playing the violin too well! Jenny felt that it was too hard! Jenny went to talk to her mother! She told her mother that she wasn't playing the violin too well and that it was too hard! So Jenny and her mother went to the airport to catch a flight to Boston. When Jenny and her mom arrived at the airport, they immediately got on the plane and took off for Boston. It was a very cold and snowy evening. Ice formed on the wings of the plane. The pilots were young and inexperienced. The pilots made a fatal mistake! Instead of pushing down on the steering yoke, the pilots pulled up, causing the plane to stall. The plane crashed into a house in Boston, just 10 miles short of Logan Airport! All 220 people on the plane, including Jenny and her mom, and 1 person on the ground were killed! 3 days later, Jasmine was singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" at a basketball game! Suddenly, she screwed up "The Star-Spangled Banner" by mixing it with "O Canada"! Big mistake! The crowd was brutal! They booed Jasmine off the stage and she was never asked to come back! She never sang again! Her 5 minutes of fame were a great big BUST! Stink Pot A Rooney O Pancake! P.U.! What stinks in here? Oh yeah! It was Jasmine! She really stunk it up BAD!

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