The Lunatic

The lunatic is a fanfiction series by penpal105. It is about a very powerful 16 year boy who is the most craziest person in the universe. His real name is cody wendel but everyone calls him the lunatic except for his parents.


In japan a married couple find an abandoned baby boy in the woods and adopt him. 6 years later a article in the newspaper say the lunatic causes power outage. Then 1 year later the newspaper says citizens argue for the lunatic's execution. When the lunatic is 16 years old his parents go on vacation so he decides to go on an adventure fighting many enemies/monsters.


The lunatic has superhuman strength

In the lunatic vs the artic giant he is shown to have superhuman staima.

The lunatic also has a indestructable heart and many other abilities.

List of adventures

The lunatic vs the snowman

The lunatic vs the boogie man

The lunatic vs the headless spectre

The lunatic vs the artic giant

The lunatic vs the black knight

The lunatic vs the mummy

The Death of the Lunatic

The lunatic vs the wax phantom

And many more.

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