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Jonathan Washington-The Prophecies Listed Him As The Chosen Warrior Although Commonly Referred To As "Jonathan" The Self Centered Warrior Sets Out To Find The Devil's Daughter Only To Find Out That His Sister Shade Is The Devil's True Daughter So Suddenly He Begins To Have An Yellow Aurora Around Him He Was Given The Power Of Ultimate Chaos Jonathan Before The Two Can Actually Fight Shade The Hedgehog Drops An Bombshell And Reveals That Amy Is Actually The Devil's Daughter So Jonathan Was Now Convinced That Amy Is His Daughter

All Characters Owned By Sega

Jonathan's Human Pony Friends

Twilight Sparkle (Human)

Rainbow Dash (Human)

Derpy (Human)

Princess Celestia (Human)

Vinyl (Human)

Fluttershy (Human)

Princess Luna (Human)

Trixie (Human)

Pinkie Pie (Human)

Applejack (Human)

Rarity (Human)

Female Majin Buu-She Has Longer Pink Hair And Wears An Yellow/Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Pink Stomach With An Red Band On Her Waist Wore White Baggy Pants And High Black Socks And Grey Shoes

Majin Iuk-She Has Two Circle Yellow Earrings Wears And Black Tubetop Which Showed Her Pink Stomach She Has Yellow/Black Wristbands Wears White Baggy Pants High Black Socks And Black Shoes

Dark Amy Rose-She Was Believed To Be The Devil's Daughter In Actuality She Isn't Even Her Daughter Her Main Goal Is To Eliminate The Devil Herself And Rid The World Of An Devil Pest She Can Make Clones Of Herself Who Are Quite Helpful It Is Also Shown That She Has The Ultimate Dark Chaos Blast In Her Skills And Abilities Set

Scene 1: Jonathan Vs. Amy

  • On The Battlegrounds*

Jonathan: Alright You Dirty Devil Daughter Any Last Words

Amy Rose: You Fucker *Transforms Into Her Final Form*

Jonathan: What In The Hell Is That

Devil Dragon Rose: *Breathes Fire In Jonathan's Direction*

Jonathan: *Dodges Left And Right* You're Really Stupid

Devil Dragon Rose: God Dammit How The Hell Can You Dodge My Attacks

The Devil: Let Me Reveal Myself *Reveals Herself*

Jonathan: YOU!!!!!

Dark Amy Rose: Yes I Am The Mother Of Amy I'm What You Call "The Black Bitch"

Jonathan: I'll Show You My True Power

Female Majin Buu: NO Don't Jonathan You're Not Properly Trained For It

Majin Iuk: Yeah It's Way Too Risky And Dangerous And Can Potentially Leave You Exhausted You Need More Ki-Power To Accomplish This

Jonathan: *Yellow Aurora Surrounds Him* Time To Step It Up A Notch AAAAAAERGH

  • An Large Explosion Occurring As Jonathan Goes SSJ4 For The First Time*

Female Majin Buu: *Smiles* Actually I Think He Can Do It Without Exhausting Himself

Majin Iuk: *Smiles* Agreed We Always Knew He Had It In Him

  • He Lands*

Super Saiyan 4 Jonathan: Observe Kame *An Blue Ball Forms In His Hand* Kame *It Grows Extremely Big* Kame *It Grows Larger* Kamekamehaaaaaaaaaaa *Throws It At Devil Dragon Rose*

  • BOOM*

Super Saiyan 4 Jonathan: I Told You You Couldn't Stop Me

Female Majin Buu: *Smiles* Wow I Hadn't Seen Anything Like That Before

Dark Amy Rose: *Facepalm* What The Hell Did You Do To Her

Jonathan: What Do You Think I Killed Her

Dark Amy Rose: AAAARGH *Facepalm* I Swear I'm Gonna Kill You

Human Rainbow Dash: As If You Can Actually Kill Him

Human Derpy: I Don't Think That's Humanly Possible Considering Jonathan Has God Mode Activated

Dark Amy Rose: Jonathan I Must Speak To You In Private

Jonathan: What Now?

Dark Amy Rose: It Appears That The Devil Herself Has Challenged You To An Fight

Jonathan: Is That So? We're Gonna Need Clones Of You To Help Me Fight Her

Dark Amy Rose: *Smiles* No Problem There I Can Clone Myself *Clones Herself*

Dark Amy Rose 5: Alright Let's Take The Devil Herself Down

Jonathan: Right

Dark Amy Rose 4: It's Gonna Take Teamwork To Beat Her

Dark Amy Rose 2: Agreed

Dark Amy Rose 3: But We Should Be Able To Beat Her No Problem

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