Sissy: Ashley you need to stay away from Johnny he belong with me!

Janet: hey I'm popular than both of you and I'm pretty much sure that he likes me!

Ashley: *thinking* shut up you Mrs. Braggy and Mrs .I'm so popular!

Sissy and Janet: who do you think you are!?!?!

Ashley: *coughs* Ashley *coughs* Megan


Ashley: now if you excuse me I got to hangout with Johnny Bye! *left with sissy&janet standing there*

Ashley: *finds Johnny & dukey waiting for her *

Dukey: hey what took you so long?

Ashley: sissy& Janet happen that's why I took so long

Dukey: oh

Johnny: what did they tell you?

Ashley: *shrugged* they're jealous of me hanging out with you and I think you still you like Janet right?

Johnny: *nods*

Ashley: heh I guess you still have a lot of crushes going on

Johnny: *grins* you have no idea

They all went to do their usual stuff that they do

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