Name Tammy Ariana Morgan

Gender female

Species half human half ghost

Hair color black (human) magenta (ghost)

Eye color dark blue (human) icy blue (ghost)

Age 10-13 (at the end of the series)

Personality smart,clever,kind,shy,caring,resourceful,reckless,strong,athletic,wise,tomboysish,sarcastic,loner (sometimes) Anti social (sometimes) and passionate

Powers Ecto blast ,Ecto rays,Ecto shuriken,Ecto shield Ecto waves invisibility,Intangiblity,flight,ghost senses,cryokiniesis,telekinesis,telepathy and superhuman strength

Outfit a purple t-shirt with a icy blue oval on the chest over a black long sleeve shirt blue denim shorts black leggings red&white converse shoes and a dark grey beanie

Ghost form outfit a black/white jumpsuit with a MS logo on the chest a white collar white boots a black glove on her right hand & a white glove on her left hand a M&S earrings and a M&S necklace

Friends Riley Anderson,Katie Cunningham,Naomi Kyushu Ember Kendrick,Danny Maxwell ,Eric Matthews Josh Dickson Rodger anderson,Tim Morgan,frosty and Lilith

Enemies Missy Patterson,Jenny Harper,Sam Dickson,Kyle Mitchell,Dash Barton,Ron the babysitter,Charlie the ghost box,Gregor the ghost bounty hunter,Lindsey McCarthy,Tina (her evil futureself) and Blake endearson

Love interest Danny Maxwell

First appearance a ghostly talent show

Last appearance fight till the very last end

Voice by Ariel winter

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