Main Characters

Jonathan The Hedgehog/Emily The Hedgehog/Titania The Hedgehog-Jonathan Transforms Into Emily The Hedgehog Who Is An Badass Biker Girl Wearing Her Black Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And Stomach Black Jeans With Flames On It Black Shoes And Taped Gloves And Wears An Badana Over Her Ponytail She Also Has An Motorcycle That Can Fly And Shoot Weapons From It She Wears An Leather Jacket Over Her Tanktop Her Motorcycle With An Push An Button Can Turn Into An Sports Car Which Has Weapons Installed Emily Is Sweet And Kind And Considerate And Helpful Fun Fact She Is Jonathan's Sister Jonathan In This Series Is More Determined Than Ever Titania Is Lixes's Sister Who Appears In Scene 4 And The Rest Of The Movie Titania Actually Is Based On Titania From The Simpsons With Her Boobs Hanging Out And Her Stomach Showing Wearing Her Pink V-Neck, White Jeans And Sandals She Has Hot Pink Lips

Mariah The Hedgehog-Mariah Is Emily's Cousin Who Is Also An Badass Biker Girl Wearing Her Black Tanktop Showing Her Boobs And Stomach Black Jeans With Flames On It Black Shoes And Taped Gloves And Wears An Badana Over Her Ponytail She Also Has An Motorcycle That Can Fly And Shoot Weapons From It She Wears An Leather Jacket Over Her Tanktop Her Motorcycle With An Push An Button Can Turn Into An Sports Car Which Has Weapons Installed Mariah Refers Herself As Emily's Younger Sister That Plays An Vital Role

Sunset Eclipse The Hedgehog-An Mysterious Young Female From What We Gather Sunset Wears An Attractive Maid Outfit Which Shows Her Dark Purple Stomach She Wears Blue Sunglasses (It's Pretty Obvious That She Is Blind) Blue/White Skirt She Wears White Gloves Which Have An Blue Thing Attached To Them She Has Aqua Blue Eyes Dark Brown Chin Long Wavy Dark Purple Hair She Wears Dark Blue Boots With Golden Lines On Them Sunset Eclipse's Bio: Sunset Is Very Intelligent Rarely Does She Get Herself Lost Inadvertantly Sunset Can Really Use Her Weapons Very Well And Is The Cousin Of Jonathan The Hedgehog

Kayla The Hedgehog-She Is Dark Purple She Wears An Black Tanktop Which Shows Her Big Boobs And Stomach And Wears Black Jeans And Black Speed Shoes Her Hair Is Of That Of Shade's She Is Also Emily's Genie She Is Jonathan's Younger Sister Kayla's First Official Appearance Is Chapter 2: Day Of The Prelates She Appears In All Chapters After That

Jessica The Hedgehog-She Wears An Black Tubetop Which Shows Her Boobs And Stomach Black Jeans And Black Speed Shoes She Is Dark Purple With Her Long Purple Tail Sticking Out Jessica Jokingly Says She Has Extremely Long Purple Hair Which Is True

Rose The Rascal

Rosette The Rascal

Missy The Rascal

Rosy The Rascal

Mirage The Echidna

Reality The Echidna-Reality Is Nega But She Knows What Is Good She Is Best Friends With Mirage Who Loves Her Joking Personality

Bunnie Rabbot-Bunnie Wears Her Light Purple Tanktop Which Shows Her Boobs And Yellow/White Stomach Black/Silver Belt Dark Blue Shorts And Dark Blue High Heels She Worn Dark Blue Gloves And An Dark Blue Jacket She Also Has An Motorcycle She Also Has Goggles On Top Of Her Head

Michelle Rabbot-An Light Yellow Rabbit That Wore Bunnie's SATAM Attire, Black Pants And White Sneakers

Jessica Rabbot-An Orange Rabbit That Wore An Pink Swimsuit Which Showed Her Boobs And Stomach She Wore An Dark Brown And Silver Belt She Wore Dark Purple Pants And Pink/White Sneakers She Also Wore An Dark Purple Jacket With Light Purple Sleeves

Rose Rabbot-Who Wore An White Tubetop Which Showed Her Big Boobs And Pink/White Stomach She Wore Dark Grey Shorts She Worn An Red Jacket And Had Long Orange Hair

Sabre Rabbot-She Was An Dark Brown Female Rabbit Who Had Long Purple Hair Medium Brown Beak She Worn An Yellow Ski Tanktop Which Had Three White Squares On It With A Line On It She Wore Black/Yellow Pants She Wore Black/Yellow Heels With Three White Squares On It

Willow The Hedgehog-She Is A Green Female Hedgehog With Long Quills And Has Cyber Enhancements On Both Of Her Ears She Has Purple Eyes She Wears An Black With Purple Flames T-Shirt Which Showed Her Green Stomach Black With Purple Flame Shorts Purple Socks Black/With With Purple Flames Shoes She Has Long Hair

Cora The Hedgehog-She Has Long Dark Green Fur With Spikes In Front She Wears An Black Tanktop With An Happy Face On It Showing Her Boobs And Stomach She Wears An Dark Brown/Yellow Belt She Wears Light Blue Jeans Which Are Ripped And She Wears Her Black/White Sneakers

Anna The Hedgehog (3D Only)-Anna Wears An White Tanktop Showing Her Stomach, Dark Grey Pants With White Lines Two Stars On It And White Shoes

Shade The Hedgehog

Maria The Hedgehog

Hannah The Hedgehog

Kirlia The Hedgehog

Katie The Hedgehog

Kirsten The Hedgehog

All Mobians/Villains

Amy Rose-She Wore Her Ski Tanktop Which Showed Her Boobs And Stomach She Had An Black Belt With An A On It She Wore Grey Shorts And Her Pink/White Boots

Michelle The Hedgehog-She Wears An Red T-Shirt Under Her Black Tanktop Which Shows Her Stomach Light Blue Shorts Black/White Boots, Black Taped Gloves And An Dark Blue Jacket With Light Blue Sleeves She Is Yellow Furred With Short Golden Hair With Long Yellow Spikes And Short Yellow/Brown Ears And Dark Brown Mouth

Shade The Echidna-An Orange Female Echidna Who Is Skilled At Getting The Chaos Emeralds The Echidnas Team Up With The Female Hedgehogs For Fun Adventures

Spinda The Echidna-Spinda Has And Yellow/Light Purple Hairpiece That Covers Her Red Head She Wears An Black Tubetop Which Shows Her Boobs And Red Stomach, White Jean Pants Black Taped Gloves And Red Sneakers She Has An Tail She Is Red Spinda Is Good Friends With Titania The Hedgehog Who Also Appear As Main Characters In The Series

Lien-Da The Echidna-Ever Since Lien-Da's Infamous Meltdown Which She Had In Front Of Rutan (Who Was Facepalming The Entire Time Jonathan The Hedgehog Was Like "Rutan You Can't Be Serious" Rutan Says "Yep I'm Serious This Is How Lien-Da Is When She Doesn't Get Her Medication" Which Made Her Laugh So Much She Demanded To Know Where Spinda Was As It Turns Out Spinda Was With The Hedgehog Society Lien-Da Blushed In Embarrassment And Apologized For Her Outburst She Began To Wonder If The Hedgehog Society Were An Real Group Which In Fact They Were She Notices Them Struggling To Fend Off The Prelates And So Lien-Da With An Happy Smile On Her Face Sees This As An Opportunity To Showcase Her Leadership Skills And So She Enlisted Her Trustworthy Daughters Whom Are Very Loyal To Lien-Da Meet Lien-Da's Daughters

Danielle-Le The Echidna-The Daughter Of Lien-Da She Rose Into The Ranks Of The Dark Legion Ever Since The Dark Legion's Defeat At The Hands Of The Chaotix Danielle Suggested To Lien-Da About Forming An Alliance Group That Could Help The Hedgehog Society Like The Echidna Society Lien-Da Firmly Believes That The Echidna Society Won't Fail

Jessica-Su The Echidna-She Is The Youngest Daughter Of Julie-Su The Echidna And Lara-Su The Echidna

Lara-Su The Echidna-Better Known As "Jani-Ca The Echidna"

Sarah The Echidna-Desiree's Sister She Wears The Same Clothes As Desiree

Jazmine The Echidna

Allison The Echidna

Amanda The Echidna

Hannah The Echidna

Michelle The Echidna

Angelina The Echidna

Megan The Echidna

Kirsten The Echidna

Penelope The Echidna

Julie-Su The Echidna-Julie Is Actually The Cousin Of Jonathan The Hedgehog

Natalie The Echidna

Rachael The Echidna-Rachael's Favorite Thing To Do Is Build And Upgrade And Update Things She, Megan, Penelope And Kirsten The Echidna Are Great At That They Also Have An Shop Located Inside Rachael's House Known As "Rachael's Workshop"

Carrie The Echidna

Chapter 1: Getting Called Into Battle

  • 12:00 At The Hedgehog Society's Mansion Next To Their Base In Westopolis*
  • Inside The Mansion*

Jessica The Hedgehog: *Carries The Box* Come On Girls Just Put These Inside Our Mansion Next To The Base

Amy Rose: *Carries The Box* *Smiles* Ooh Nice Find

Kirsten The Hedgehog: Yay Our First Mansion Hope We Get To Stay In It

Jessica The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Ooh We Will Let Me Show You It's Features And Contents

  • Hours Later*

Kirsten The Hedgehog: *Smiles* Wow This Place Has It All

Kirlia The Hedgehog: Agreed

  • The Monitor Flashes Red*

Jessica The Hedgehog: *Rushes Over* Hmm It Seems Like We Got An Problem On Our Hands *Sees The Footage Of The Suppression Squad Occupying Freedom HQ* Oh No

Rosy The Rascal: *Smiles* I'm Not The Same Rosy As Before Mentally Insane, Unbalanced I'm Now An Nice, Gentle, Kind, Thoughtful, Sexy, Cute And Attractive Adult I Bring Many Valuable Skills

Jessica The Hedgehog: Oh Great Rosy You Fit The Role Perfectly

Rosy The Rascal: *Smiles* I'm Also Physical Too And Strong And Powerful

Michelle The Hedgehog: *Smiles* I See We Found Our Mansion

Jessica The Hedgehog: Yes We Did

Spinda The Echidna: *Walks In Casually* I Just Spotted The Suppression Squad Entering Into Freedom HQ

Jessica The Hedgehog: Michelle We Must Get There Fast

Michelle The Hedgehog: Right

Spinda The Echidna: Let's Move Out Team

  • They Rush Off*

Spinda The Echidna: *Gliding* We're The Hedgehog/Echidna Society

Michelle The Hedgehog: Yep

  • They Get There*

Spinda The Echidna: Here We Are

Rosy The Rascal: Aha!!!!! So That's Where They Were Occupying All This Time

Kirsten The Hedgehog: I'm Puzzled As To Why They Did It

Spinda The Echidna: CHARGE!!!!!

  • They Break Into Freedom HQ And Attack The Suppression Squad*
  • Hours Later*

Spinda The Echidna: Let's Investigate The Place

Amy Rose: Right

  • They Investigate*

Amy Rose: *Opens The Container* I Found An Note

Spinda The Echidna: Hmm What Does It Say?

Amy Rose: According To This It Says The Freedom Fighters Are Fighting And Opposing Robotnik At This Moment

Spinda The Echidna: Hmm Could This Possibly Lead To An Battle Of Sorts Between Them

Jessica The Hedgehog: It Might Just Be Cause I Looked At The Note And Conclude That They're Fighting Robotnik

Chapter 2: Day Of The Prelates

  • In The Hedgehog Society's Mansion In Westopolis*

Spinda The Echidna: *Sitting On The Couch Reading The Newspaper* Prelates Run Wild In Dark Mobius *Gasps* This Is Terrible Girls Get Over Here

Jessica The Hedgehog: You Called Us?

Spinda The Echidna: Prelates Are Running Amok In Dark Mobius

Jessica The Hedgehog: I Figured That's The Case

Titania The Hedgehog: Oh No!!!!! This Is Bad

Amy Rose: *Smiles* How Come Nobody Told Me About This

Spinda The Echidna: *Smiles* I Just Did Remember?

Amy Rose: Oh Yeah Right I Forgot

Kayla The Hedgehog: My First Appearance In Chapter 2 How Fitting I Wonder What This Talk Is About *Looks At Newspaper* *Gasps* Oh No This Is An Serious Problem Spinda How Do We Go About Beating Them

Spinda The Echidna: *Smiles* Luckily Our Cores Can't Get Stolen We Are An Team Of Trained Fighters We Rally Around One Another We Can Beat Them

Kayla The Hedgehog: I Agree We Can Do It

Jessica The Hedgehog: Let's Do It

Spinda The Echidna: Alright Then Let's Roll

Kayla The Hedgehog: I See An Shortcut Over Here

  • They Slide Down The Vent*

Kayla The Hedgehog: Wow We're In Dark Mobius Already? That Was Fast

Amy Rose: Should We Fight Them?

Kayla The Hedgehog: We Should

  • They Fight The Prelates*
  • On Top Of The Hill*

Lien-Da The Echidna: Ah An Peaceful Day Wait What The? *Looks Down* Oh Crud They're Having An Tough Time Against The Prelates

Angelina The Echidna: I Knew That Was Bound To Happen Hedgehogs Can't Defend Themselves They Need Extra Cushion You Know Muscle

Lien-Da The Echidna: *Smiles* Oh I Know What You Mean Let's Go Help Them

Carrie The Echidna: Yeah

Hannah The Echidna: We're Ready

  • The Echidnas Make Their Charge Down The Hill Into Dark Mobius*
  • Lots Of Fighting Takes Place*

Titania The Hedgehog: *Blocks Prelate Amy Rose's Hammer Attack With Her Sword* Touche!!!!

  • Inside The Citadel With Shade, Mirage, Reality And Spinda The Echidna*

Shade The Echidna: Ooh Ooh I See Something Over There

Mirage The Echidna: Wait Is That A Cruiser?

Reality The Echidna: Yep It Is

Spinda The Echidna: Eureka!!!! We Found The Abandoned Cruiser Now We Just Need The Chaos Emeralds To Power It Up For Use

Mirage The Echidna: *Holding The Chaos Emeralds In Her Hand* I Already Have Them *Smiles* These Should Work

Spinda The Echidna: Let's Enter The Cruiser *Presses The Button On The Remote*

  • The Cruiser's Door Opens*
  • They Enter The Cruiser*
  • The Cruiser's Door Closes*
  • Inside The Cruiser*

Spinda The Echidna: *Hops Into The Commander's Seat* Alright Then Put The Chaos Emeralds In The Engine Tank

Mirage The Echidna: Right *Places The Chaos Emeralds Into The Engine Tank*

  • The Engine Starts Up*

Shade The Echidna: Good Thing We Found The Cruiser

Spinda The Echidna: *Smiles* Now That You Mentioned It This Actually Is My Cruiser But Needs Big Updates And Upgrades

Shade The Echidna: My Friend Rachael The Echidna Said She, Megan, Kirsten And Penelope The Echidna Can Help Us They Want Us To Meet Them At Rachael's House In Mobius

Spinda The Echidna: *Smiles* Yay Let's Get Over There

Shade The Echidna: Right *Starts The Cruiser Up*

  • The Cruiser Takes Off*
  • In The Sky*

Shade The Echidna: *Driving* Good Thing We Can See The Footage Of The Battle *Turns It On*

Spinda The Echidna: Wow Titania Really Nailed Them Causing Them To Explode

Mirage The Echidna: How Did She Do That

  • The Cruiser Lands By Rachael's House*

Rachael The Echidna: *Smiles* They've Arrived

Megan The Echidna: Great!!!! Now We Can Work Together To Fix The Cruiser

Penelope The Echidna: Let's Get Started

  • In The Workshop*
  • During The Procedure*

Megan The Echidna: So What Do You Think The Hedgehog Society Might Be Doing Right Now?

Spinda The Echidna: They're Still Fighting The Prelates

Megan The Echidna: Oh That's Fascinating

  • Hours Later*

Penelope The Echidna: *Smiles* Yippee It's Done

Kirsten The Echidna: It Looks Much Better With The Upgrades And Updates And Weapons Installed In The Main Core

Spinda The Echidna: Thanks For Your Help Let's Go

  • They Enter The Cruiser*

Rachael The Echidna: Wait Can We Tag Along?

Shade The Echidna: Oops Sure

  • The Cruiser Door Opens They Also Enter It Closes*
  • Inside The Cruiser*

Rachael The Echidna: It's Best If I Drive

Shade The Echidna: I Agree

  • The Cruiser Takes Off For Dark Mobius*

Rachael The Echidna: *Driving* It Seems To Me That They're Still Fighting The Prelates

Shade The Echidna: We Should Assist Them

Rachael The Echidna: *Driving* I Concur

  • The Cruiser Flies Into Dark Mobius*

Spinda The Echidna: Fire The Lasers

Rachael The Echidna: *Driving* Right *Fires The Lasers*

  • Prelates Are Evaporated*

Titania The Hedgehog: Wow What Was That

Jessica The Hedgehog: It Looked Like The Cruiser *Sees The Hedgehog Society Cruiser* Oh Right Our Cruiser That We Updated And Upgraded A While Back

  • They Enter The Hedgehog Society Cruiser And Follows The Echidna Society's Cruiser*
  • Inside The Echidna Society Cruiser*

Rachael The Echidna: *Driving* We're Coming Up On A Red Light

Chapter 3: Storming The Suppression Squad's Base

  • Inside The Echidna Society's Cruiser*

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