The Guyver: Licensed to Guyve is a Kyoushoku Soukou Guyver fanfiction. It takes place in America.


A high school student named Derek Palmer finds the Guyver unit in his locker and suddenly finds his life intertwined with those of the original Guyver, Sho Fukamachi, and a renegade Zoanoid who has proclaimed himself the new Zoalord.


  • Derek Palmer/Guyver I/Guyver Gigantic: The main character in this fanfiction. He isn't exactly the most popular kid at David Byrne High School, and the Guyver isn't about to change that. However, he does attend a Hapkido dojo, which helps him in his battle against the Zoanoids.
  • Gunther van Struwwelheimer/Guyver II: An exchange student from--you guessed it--Germany, who is actually a member of Chronos Corp.'s German branch. He acquires the Guyver II unit by breaking into Dr. Fukamachi's house and stealing it.
  • Alicia Robinson/Guyver III: Derek's girlfriend who ends up with the Guyver III unit in her locker. Derek originally believes she constantly ignores him, but when they meet each other in costume after fighting Guyver II, it turns out she's actually been afraid to talk to him. !
  • Dr. Sho Fukamachi: The last person to bond with the Guyver I unit. He became a biology teacher at Derek's school after having it surgically removed.

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