As the White Guardian Warrior continues to convalesce, recovering from his resuscitation, the 6 remaining Guardian Warriors and their allies depart Naboo for Deep Space 9 in the Imperial Warhawk captured in the last story. 

The USS Confederation, under the command of Captain Johnson, is ordered by Admiral Collins to arrest the Guardian Warriors and their allies and return them, with the captured Imperial Warhawk, to Earth. The Guardian Warriors and their allies will there stand trial for their offenses against the Federation.

The Imperial Warhawk arrived at Deep Space 9. Lauren was devastated by the news of her mother Laura's death and blamed the Red Guardian Warrior. 

The remaining 5 Guardian Warriors and the others discussed their futures. They knew that they had sacrificed a great deal, but all agreed that it was worth it. Meanwhile, Dr. Judy consoled Lauren about Laura's death. 

The Guardian Warriors and their allies gathered on Bajor for a memorial service for Laura.

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