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The Gravity Falls Movie

In Theaters December 18, 2015

(Opening: The "Gravity Falls" TV intro plays in a small rectangle in the center of the screen. Captions "Walt Disney Channel Pictures" and "A Disney Channel Animation Studios" cut on and off on top of this rectangle. At the end of the intro, the logo "The Gravity Falls Movie" zooms in, and then cut to black.)

(A view of The Mystery Shack. Dipper and Mabel are in the living room.)

Dipper: What's Springmas?

Mabel: A spring-themed holiday similar to Christmas while it celebrated on March 25.

Wendy: Mabel! Dipper, we are going on a trip to Auntie-Arctic.

Dipper: Can I go to trick-or-treating?

Mabel: No! We're not going to treak-or-treating! We're going to Auntie-Arctic.

Dipper: Auntie-Arctic?!? Oh, dear! Sometimes he ain't play games. I need, um, to order pizza at 7:00.

Soos: Dipper!

Dipper: That cups can be filled with Pitt Cola. And that means you had a tentacled penguin.

Soos: Dipper!

Dipper: I didn't have any money left before this.

Soos: Calm down, Dipper. Relax.

Dipper: I am not getting Summerween candy!

Mabel: Take it easy, Dipper. It's gonna be okay.

(Cut to an airport. Grunkle Stan showed a B492 airplane.)

Grunkle Stan: This is an airplane! It's called B492!

Old Man McGucket: Dipper is right. You know, we love Auntie-Arctic.

Wendy: Well, Old Man McGucket. The airplane pilot wasn't a good plan.

Pacifica: There's no money was left at all.

(Old Man McGucket holds a pilot hat to put on Pacifica.)

Old Man McGucket: You're a police officer, Pacifica.

Pacifica: No. I'm an airplane pilot.

(Cut to Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, Soos, Wendy, Waddles, Robbie, Candy Chiu, Grenda, Sherriff Blubs, Pacifica, Manly Dan, and Old Man McGucket lining up and sit on a seat inside the B492 airplane.)

Mabel: Waddles, are you excited?

(Dipper reads Journal #3 and found a Tentacled Penguin in the new page.)

Dipper: Aha! The tentacled penguin lives in Auntie-Arctic.

Grenda: What about Auntie-Arctic?

Sheriff Blubs: I do not know.

Deputy Edwin Durland: Hey, Blubs. Can I sit next?

Sherriff Blubs: Yes.

(Deputy Edwin Durland sits next to Sheriff Blubs.)

Candy Chiu: Waddles was right. He's my cousin Waddles—Ruggers. A reindeer lives in Auntie-Arctic.

Wendy: Mabel told Waddles loves you.

Manly Dan: You've got it, Wendy.

Robbie: Certainly.

Mabel: Was the airplane is moving? My stomach.

(Mabel's stomach growling.)

Pacifica: Oh, my, gosh!

Dipper: Oh, no!

Old Man McGucket: We're off to see Auntie-Arctic!

(Pacifica rides on a B492 airplane and flies up in the air.)

Mabel: Dipper, look! A map!

Grenda: Hold on tight.

Candy Chiu: Yeah, yeah.

Manly Dan: I should throw up? Not really.

Dipper: So, do you want to go Springmas back at the shack?

Mabel: Yes! I suppose you had Santa Claws—a big blue lobster.

(The B492 airplane travels without flying to Auntie-Arctic and lands down in the ground.)

Grenda: Uh-oh!

Soos: What the heck, guys?

(Grunkle Stan, Wendy, Grenda, Candy Chiu, Old Man McGucket, Sheriff Blubs, Manly Dan, Pacifca, Deputy Edwin Durland, and Robbie stayed inside the trees. Waddles, Soos, Dipper, and Mabel stayed in the snow next to the frozen lake.)

Dipper: Where are we?

Soos: Maybe Old Man McGucket's right, Mabel. The tentacled penguin who always dead.

Mabel: That tentacled penguin is not always dead.

Dipper: Can tentacled penguins fly?

Mabel: No. It's too bulky to fly.

Soos: Let's see what I saw the tentacled penguin!

(Soos walks in the frozen lake. He slipped and fall down on Dipper and Mabel.)

Dipper, Mabel, and Soos: (slips on the frozen lake) Whoa!

(Dipper, Mabel, and Soos falls down.)

Dipper: I can't get up!

(The tentacled penguin appears next to the frozen lake.)

Dipper: What is that?

Mabel: It is a penguin with tentacles.

I must walk to go with it

Dipper, Mabel, and Soos: (slips on the frozen lake) Whoa!

(Dipper, Mabel, and Soos falls down.)

Dipper: What are we gonna do?

Soos: I have an idea!

(Soos kicked Dipper and Mabel. Dipper and Mabel screams loudly and bumps the tentacled penguin.)

Mabel: Who are you?

Tentacled Penguin: I'm Tentacled Penguin.

Dipper: Oh, no, no, no. We hear it is low in sodium.

Tentacled Penguin: What?

Soos: Dudes, I'm sorry because I slipped on the frozen lake.

(The walrus feeds on clams next to the frozen lake.)

Dipper: Tentacled Penguin, look over here! I see a walrus.

Soos: Walrus? What's a walrus?

(The walrus's tusks wrecked the snow. Mabel screamed and scared by a walrus.)

Mabel: It's a monster!

Soos: Don't worry, Mabel. It's just a walrus, right?

Tentacled Penguin: Is a walrus coming with us?

Soos: Why, splendid!

(The walrus's tusks wrecked Waddles's body.)

Dipper: Holey cow! What do we do!

Mabel: And that means our pig is dead.

(Soos looked Waddles.)

Soos: Do you have some bandages for Springmas at the shack?

Dipper and Mabel: Yes.

Elmer: Hi. My name is Elmer. The Eskimo was my very best pet reindeer—Ruggers.

Tentacled Penguin: Of course, Elmer. It's a fun, warm day!

Walrus: Well, I'm a walrus. I think so.

Dipper: Can you build a rectangular hole with a six logs?

Mabel: Yes, I do.

(Dipper, Mabel, and Soos digs a ground and makes a rectangular hole.)

Dipper: I'm just great!

Walrus: What about Lil Gideon?

(Cut to Grunkle Stan, Wendy, Grenda, Candy Chiu, Old Man McGucket, Sheriff Blubs, Manly Dan, Pacifca, Deputy Edwin Durland, and Robbie standing in the snow.)

Old Man McGucket: It wasn't bad.

Grunkle Stan: I wish was Pacifica dressed as an airplane pilot.

Deputy Edwin Durland: An airplane pilot?

(Old Man McGucket sees a walrus.)

Old Man McGucket: It's a dangerous walrus!

(Old Man McGucket screams and next to Dipper, Mabel, and Soos.)

Sheriff Blubs: Nice work, McGucket. They're gone.

(Grunkle Stan, Wendy, Grenda, Candy Chiu, Sheriff Blubs, Deputy Edwin Durland, Pacifica, Manly Dan, and Robbie goes to the B492 airplane.)

Sheriff Blubs: We made it, guys.

(A musk ox appears Sheriff Blubs. Sheriff Blubs gasps.)

Sheriff Blubs: Musk ox! Run for your lives!

(Grunkle Stan, Wendy, Grenda, Candy Chiu, Sheriff Blubs, Manly Dan, Pacifica, Deputy Edwin Durland, and Robbie screams. A musk ox crunching in the snow. Grunkle Stan, Wendy, Grenda, Candy Chiu, Sheriff Blubs, Manly Dan, Pacifca, Deputy Edwin Durland, and Robbie falls down in the rectangular hole. Dipper puts in six logs on the rectangular hole.)

Grenda: Where's Old Man McGucket? I must find Old Man McGucket.

Candy Chiu: Not Old Man McGucket!

Wendy: I thought it was Ruggers.

Robbie: Wendy, but Ruggers the green-nosed reindeer of all.

Elmer: We think that's a walrus.

Guillemot and Arctic Fox: Excuse me!

Musk Ox: Dipper, I had no fear yet.

Mabel: Ruggers, It's me Mabel.

Guillemot: Hi, I'm Guillemot and this is Arctic Fox.

Arctic Fox: Hey, Walrus. What does it do?

Walrus: A man made out of snow—it's called a snowman.

Old Man McGucket: Because Frosty the Snowman didn't like to eat carrots.

(Old Man McGucket eating carrots.)

Arctic Fox: It is orange and tasty.

Soos: The reindeer has a green nose.

Musk Ox: A reindeer? Reindeers have green noses.

Soos: I hope that gnomes have pointy teeth.

Guillemot: Creepy.

Arctic Fox: Uh, Mabel? Your stomach's still empty?

Dipper: Um... I suppose that couldn't be think.

Walrus: Oh, my goodness!

Musk Ox: Stay calm!

Tentacled Penguin: Guys, look! Six logs. Can I roll?

Dipper: No, Tentacled Penguin.

Elmer: You know, I can't get it.

Mabel: I'm gonna check Grunkle Stan.

(Mabel picks up six logs.)

Grunkle Stan: Don't do it, kid! You ruined the logs!

Arctic Fox: Now this bird's going to dive.

Tentacled Penguin: Sorry. That Eskimo wears a coat.

Mabel: Eskimos made igloos while they're so much.

Walrus: With a big bounce in it.

Musk Ox: Really? I had it.

Guillemot: Are you kidding me? Not yet. Your friends must be it.

Old Man McGucket: Can you make chili? Nope.

Arctic Fox: Sorry, Old Man McGucket. I thought really can't make chili at all.

Walrus: It's obvious!

Soos: May I?

Guillemot: Let's see.

(Guillemot founds a coin.)

Guillemot: I see it!

Musk Ox: How did you get a coin?

Dipper: That purse keeps spitting it out.

Elmer: Tentacled Penguin, this is your job.

Tentacled Penguin: What job?

Elmer: Careers.

Walrus, Musk Ox, Arctic Fox, and Guillemot: Surprise!

(Elmer screams.)

Arctic Fox: Are you scared?

Elmer: No, I'm just fine.

Dipper: Could have sworn I pack up your food?

Walrus: Not like that. I have long tusks and I wrecked the snow because the pig is dead.

Guillemot: It works for the pigs!

Arctic Fox: A green-nosed reindeer has 80 pounds.

Elmer: Really. I already know it.

Musk Ox: We hadn't litters.

Walrus: I stayed in Auntie-Arctic and back to Mystery Shack.

(Ruggers cruching in a snow. Walrus writes in a letter.)

Walrus: (reading): "Dear, Dipper and Mabel. We live in Auntie-Arctic and see the tentacled penguin. It's the weirdest penguin in the world! Love, Wendy."

Musk Ox: Stand aside!

Mabel: Please, sir! We told you can be beat that thing.

Guillemot: I'll say. Real penguins don't even have tentacles.

Soos: What's this is about?

Mabel: Bingo!

Walrus: Oh, great. It was expecting to find a thing at this hour.

Musk Ox: No, Walrus! Tentacled Penguin was right. It seems that it happened.

Walrus: Hop on!

(Guillemot flying and on top of Walrus.)

Guillemot: You heard with Musk Ox said, "Dear, Dipper and Mabel. We live in Auntie-Arctic and see the tentacled penguin. It's the weirdest penguin in the world! Love, Wendy."

Old Man McGucket: Ooh. Mabel: Their kings and queens around himself.

Dipper: What does it do?

Mabel: Castle.

Guillemot: At last, but Musk Ox is a hairy polar beast.

Arctic Fox: Yeah, yeah, proximity, sometimes we told you about proximity to candy.

Tentacled Penguin: Our weather resembles a cross between with hot and cold.

Dipper: Auntie-Arctic is a weather mixed with summer and winter.

Tentacled Penguin: You're jealous!

Guillemot: Tentacled Penguin, this fur's matching the snow.

Arctic Fox: We made holly.

Musk Ox: And wreaths.

Walrus: Some candy.

Old Man McGucket: But Lazy Susan made cookies to go with it.

Soos: Lazy Susan?

Musk Ox: Never mind, Soos.

Guillemot: Without continue this, Mabel gets a grappling hook.

Walrus: What? A movie? Or a book? Or a lamp? Nah, he's lying. Snow. Snow it is.

Mabel: Just kidding.

Dipper: Think we look at a sweater?

Musk Ox: Hey, nice sweater. Isn't it great?

Walrus: Snowing? Snowy? Snowy owl?

Soos: I made chicken noodle soup for you.

Arctic Fox: Thank you.

(Arctic Fox eating chicken noodle soup.)

Walrus: Don't be silly, Arctic Fox.

Mabel: Are you hilarious?

Arctic Fox: Not much problem.

Guillemot: Elmer, move the reindeer's head.

Elmer: It's me Elmer and this is Ruggers.

Elmer: (Reindeer Voice) Hey, there. Ruggers here.

Tentacled Penguin: Elmer, good reindeer joke.

Arctic Fox: What happened?

Guillemot: We don't know.

Dipper: We wish thought I could.

Mabel: I know. We need a ladder!

Guillemot: (brings a ladder) I'll get it.

(Guillemot puts ladder in the rectangular hole and Grunkle Stan, Wendy, Grenda, Candy Chiu, Sheriff Blubs, Manly Dan, Pacifica, Deputy Edwin Durland, and Robbie climbing the ladder.)

Mabel: Well done, guys!

Tentacled Penguin: Grunkle Stan was right. Ruggers can't sneeze.

Arctic Fox: Maybe he's kindly.

Grunkle Stan: Mabel's right! I hope the beluga was singing a song.

Musk Ox: It's called the sea canaries.

Dipper: I've never quick now.

Candy Chiu: What's wrong, Waddles? Is it alive?

Elmer: Nope.

Musk Ox: Let me get this straight. Walrus's right. Never you fear.

Guillemot: Listen, Musk Ox! I have a plan. Walrus loves going to a party with Grunkle Stan.

Walrus: Conservation.

Mabel: Conservation?

Soos: They captured a narwhal just like that.

Pacifica: I will try.

Deputy Edwin Durland: This sure makes me feel dizzy.

Manly Dan: Enough!

Sherriff Blubs: How did you get that snow?

Arctic Fox: Nothing.

Musk Ox: Arctic Fox, it's true.

Walrus: This is true.

Guillemot: Not bad at all.

Wendy: Oh, yes.

Walrus: Face it, Guillemot! Never been so much fun.

Musk Ox: You're busted a game? Not a chance.

Dipper: I think the candy monster loves Summerween candy.

Elmer: No way, buddy.

Arctic Fox: Dipper's calling me buddy? Not bad.

Dipper: What we need to go back to Mystery Shack.

Soos: Really?

Guillemot: Do you mind?

Arctic Fox: No way.

Wendy: Um, it's easy to safe here.

Walrus: Did we get wrecked Waddles? No way, you can go to the animal doctor.

Musk Ox: It's called veterinarian.

Old Man McGucket: Look what you've had Waddles was bloody.

(Arctic Fox, Walrus, Musk Ox, Guillemot, Ruggers, and Elmer looking at Waddles' body is painful.)

Guillemot: Check this out. I think that pig's going to the doctor.

Arctic Fox: What's a doctor?

Musk Ox: Or a nurse?

Elmer: Maybe not. Seriously, Ruggers' similarly like Waddles.

Walrus: Oh, my, lord. I killed Waddles.

Guillemot: You see, those tusks wrecking Waddles.

Arctic Fox: What's the pig's name?

Elmer: Waddles.

Walrus, Musk Ox, Arctic Fox, and Guillemot: Waddles!?!

Elmer: Whatever, this must take Waddles to the doctor and need some bandages for Springmas. I make the icicles.

(Elmer laughs.)

Guillemot: Elmer, what's so funny?

Elmer: Not much.

Musk Ox: Oh, forget the presents. I will buy you more presents.

Walrus: Why did the big blue lobster bringing presents?

Arctic Fox: I give up.

Guillemot: Well, well, well, you look dangerous, Walrus.

Dipper: I couldn't be a polar animal.

Soos: Because a narwhal swimming in the ocean. (He dreamed Soos watching a narwhal. The narwhal swimming with Soos.)

Dipper and Mabel: Wow! Nice!

Elmer: Is it?

Guillemot: Yes, Elmer. But narwhals aren't friendly, like dolphins—he's dangerous.

Dipper: I suppose you found all of these icebergs.

Musk Ox: That personal iceberg?

(Walrus wrecked the snow.)

Elmer: Walrus, what are you doing?

Walrus: I don't think so.

Guillemot: They can?

Walrus: I think that pig's body has blood again.

Elmer: What is blood?

Guillemot: Well, it's about the red liquid.

Tentacled Penguin: No Waddles?

(Elmer slaps his Tentacled Penguin's face.)

Elmer: Tentacled Penguin, Waddles would be brought my Mabel! Sit down!

Guillemot: Please, calm down.

Walrus: Elmer, my dear Eskimo, relax.

Musk Ox: That's my pal.

Tentacled Penguin: Elmer, I'm sorry.

Elmer: It was really my fault.

Musk Ox: Silly me!

Soos: You say so.

Mabel: That's a great thing!

Elmer: This reindeer has a green nose.

Dipper: It's called Ruggers.

Guillemot: Because Dipper listening to Icelandic Pop Group Babba.

Musk Ox: But Multi Bear goes into the cave.

Wendy: Sheesh! Get real, eh!

Dipper: Can you believe this guy?

Mabel: Exactly.

Guillemot: Don't be silly, sweetheart. You're fine. I'm sure Old Man McGucket writes the list.

Arctic Fox: Is it cold outside or what?

Old Man McGucket: Disco Girl is an Icelandic Pop Group Babba.

Musk Ox: I heard about the Icelandic Pop Group Babba this time.

Wendy: There is no lump of coal at Mystery Shack.

Guillemot: Yes! We just positive wrecked Waddles, just like Walrus.

Musk Ox: Walrus, Santa Claws is going to bring you presents at the shack.

Walrus: The shack? You're gonna find out who's naughty or nice.

(Walrus drinks a hot chocolate.)

Grenda: But Santa Claws was coming to town.

Guillemot: What does Arctic Fox doing?

Arctic Fox: Our fur's matching the snow we'll might be white.

Walrus: Those mosquitoes bite Dipper's arm and said "Bewarb".

Guillemot: What is "Bewarb"?

Walrus: We had no idea.

Grenda: Get it.

Candy Chiu: You bet! She drives in a B492 airplane to Auntie-Arctic.

Walrus: Grunkle Stan thinks he found a B492 airplane at the airport. See? There it is.

Musk Ox: Why, of course! Elmer and Mabel are now friends because Waddles and Ruggers are now pets, too.

Elmer: Obviously Ruggers doesn't have a red nose—it has a green nose.

Robbie: Their colors? Ruggers doesn't have a red nose, like Rudolph.

Walrus: Dagnabit! I was even cruching on a snow.

Wendy: Say, do penguins have tentacles?

Tentacled Penguin: Yes, I do.

Elmer: He's extreme, Tentacled Penguin.

Old Man McGucket: Tentacled Penguin, you're the weirdest penguin in the world.

Tentacled Penguin: That's right, Old Man McGucket.

Guillemot: Just ignore him!

Soos: What's going on?

Arctic Fox: Tentacles.

Soos: Oh, yeah. Tentacles. Tentacles!?! Why do penguins have tentacles?

Tentacled Penguin: Because I am a penguin with octopus-like tentacles.

Walrus: What do you mean?

Guillemot: Hey, who's the twin sister?

Mabel: Are you calling me?

Dipper: Uh-oh! They called Mabel.

Mabel: Are you calling me?

Dipper: You should've done yet.

Mabel: Are you calling me!?!?!

Dipper: Not now.

Mabel: They call me Twin Sister! Ahh!

Musk Ox: I think the giant polar bear is coming.

Mabel: (picked up Waddles) Oh, no.

Old Man McGucket: Are you nuts?

(The giant polar bear appears Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, Soos, Wendy, Robbie, Candy Chiu, Grenda, Sheriff Blubs, Manly Dan, Pacifca, Deputy Edwin Durland, Old Man McGucket, Musk Ox, Walrus, Arctic Fox, Ruggers, Tentacled Penguin, Guillemot, and Elmer. The giant polar bear growls loudly. Soos yells. Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, Soos, Wendy, Robbie, Candy Chiu, Grenda, Sheriff Blubs, Manly Dan, Pacifca, Deputy Edwin Durland, Old Man McGucket, Musk Ox, Walrus, Arctic Fox, Ruggers, Tentacled Penguin, Guillemot, and Elmer ran away.)

Walrus: What are you having?

Arctic Fox: Perhaps, I got it!

(Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, Soos, Wendy, Waddles, Robbie, Candy Chiu, Grenda, Sheriff Blubs, Manly Dan, Pacifica, Deputy Edwin Durland, Old Man McGucket, Musk Ox, Walrus, Arctic Fox, Ruggers, Tentacled Penguin, Guillemot, and Elmer was stop running. Mabel puts down Waddles.)

Elmer: Stop, you big white bear!

(The giant polar bear was stop running.)

Giant Polar Bear: Who is it?

Elmer: I am Elmer.

Guillemot: Some of what?

Musk Ox: That looks guilty.

Walrus: I know.

Giant Polar Bear: He eats peanuts because let's go for a drink.

Tentacled Penguin: Uh, Giant Polar Bear?

Elmer: Can you fetch that fish? Come and get it!

Giant Polar Bear: Take your own ride!

(Elmer throws a fish and the giant polar bear catches.)

Musk Ox: Gee. I thought the giant polar bear ran away.

Old Man McGucket: Keep it here.

Elmer: Man, I don't like mosquitoes.

Guillemot: You won't get be just toast.

Arctic Fox: See what happens that eat snow.

Guillemot: Precisely.

Old Man McGucket: Don't worry

Walrus: You're dangerous.

Elmer: Why did the walrus get smashed a pig?

Tentacled Penguin: Or take Waddles to the doctor.

Elmer: Time out! This is serious.

Dipper: Who loves Christmas?

Mabel: Nah. With her Christmas carols.

Guillemot: That must be an ornament instead.

Soos: The answer is stockings.

Tentacled Penguin: By the way, he could speak it up into its phone rings.

Walrus: The big blue lobster bringing gifts at the shack being elsewhere.

Grunkle Stan: Man, I hate it.

Wendy: Face it, Mabel!

Mabel: Fine.

Sheriff Blubs: That's not worse now, Mabel.

Deputy Edwin Durland: Sorry about that, Blubs.

Manly Dan: I don't get it.

Tentacled Penguin: Of course, it is.

Musk Ox: Reserved for Auntie-Arctic.

Guillemot: (sees the picture) Very funny. Musk Ox founds a new picture. See?

Musk Ox: Ooh. They're famous.

Soos: Pretty.

Grunkle Stan: Did you, Elmer.

Elmer: Not yet.

Pacifica: We should've thought of it.

Guillemot: How does Tentacled Penguin has eight tentacles and how really much impressed?

Sheriff Blubs: Old Man McGucket didn't get that carrot.

Old Man McGucket: Are you kidding? No way. You should not be in that bus.

Walrus: It was easy to being interested.

Guillemot: Um, what does Elmer look like? But he didn't get out of this ice before this.

Arctic Fox: Right, that made Ruggers like to crunch snow.

Robbie: Green-nosed reindeer. Corrupted by their own kind. Why don't pick on somebody your own size!?!

(Deputy Edwin Durland picked up the snowball.)

Deputy Edwin Durland: This snow looks white indeed.

Pacifica: How weak?

Arctic Fox: Give me a break!

Guillemot: Hold on! But the icefish has blood is colorless. He can do that will be so around that much.

Musk Ox: That must be it. You always together to have a problem.

Walrus: Satisfied or what? Absolutely not. Right, Old Man McGucket?

Old Man McGucket: Yeah, Walrus. You!

Elmer: Good work!

Guillemot: I'm going to build a snowman again!

(Guillemot builds a snowman)

Guillemot: There! All better!

Musk Ox: Way to go, Guillemot!

Arctic Fox: You built the snowman.

Guillemot: Yes, sir!

Candy Chiu: Yeah, right.

Grenda: Great idea, Candy.

Mabel: I think that snowman is melting?

Elmer: Melting?

Tentacled Penguin: I hate my snowman is melting!

Guillemot: Shut up!

Tentacled Penguin: No, I'm not!

Guillemot: Yes, you are!

Tentacled Penguin: No, I'm not!

Guillemot: Yes, you are!

Walrus: Will you stop arguing, you two?

Guillemot: Sorry, Walrus.

Walrus: Oh, Guillemot. How bad can we melt the snowman?

Elmer: I think it's turning into summer again.

Dipper: The Auntie-Arctic was continued to polar creatures.

Tentacled Penguin: To be continued.

(Mabel picked up Waddles. Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, Soos, Wendy, Waddles, Robbie, Candy Chiu, Grenda, Sheriff Blubs, Manly Dan, Pacifica, Deputy Edwin Durland, Old Man McGucket, Musk Ox, Walrus, Arctic Fox, Ruggers, Tentacled Penguin, Guillemot, and Elmer goes inside the B492 airplane. Pacifica rides on a B492 airplane and back to Mystery Shack. Cut to a view of Mystery Shack. Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, Soos, Wendy, Robbie, Candy Chiu, Grenda, Old Man McGucket, Walrus, Arctic Fox, Musk Ox, Ruggers, Tentacled Penguin, Guillemot, and Elmer seeing presents under the Springmas Tree.)

Dipper: Wow! Presents!

Mabel: (puts down Waddles) It's just believe as the Springmas Carol.

Soos: (seeing Wendy opening its present to found a T-Shirt) T-Shirt? (seeing Dipper and Mabel opening its present to found two harmonicas) Harmonicas? (seeing Old Man McGucket opening its present to found a box of bandages) Bandages? (Arctic Fox opening its present to found Springmas Carols magazine?) Is that Springmas Carols magazine?

Arctic Fox: Of course, Soos. Ruggers the Green-Nosed Reindeer had a very leafy nose.

Grunkle Stan: Good work to you!

Tentacled Penguin: Sometimes, it's Springmas!

(Old Man McGucket puts a bandage on Waddles's body.)

Old Man McGucket: All better. How cool is that, Tentacled Penguin?

Tentacled Penguin: I love it. Because it's the freeze to you.

Santa Claws: I'm Santa Claws. I'm a big blue lobster. I bring presents.

Walrus: Why not?

Musk Ox: It's true. Eh, I think you've get company.

Santa Claws: And that's all of my story.

Guillemot: We love going on a trip to Auntie-Arctic while go back to Mystery Shack.

Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, Soos, Wendy, Robbie, Grenda, Candy Chiu, Old Man McGucket, Elmer, Santa Claws, Tentacled Penguin, Walrus, Musk Ox, Arctic Fox, and Guillemot: Merry Springmas!

Walrus: I ate favorite food, such as clams.

(Cut to closing credits, when stills of the movie's scenes flash in the background while the credits are seen in the foreground. Credits from "Directed By" to "Additional Music Material By" are flashed on and off, with one background per credit. From "Production Manager" on, credits scroll, with different lettering and fonts, while the background changes. During the credits, portions of "Perrydise + Wide Awake", "Jingle Bells" and "I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas" can be heard.)

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